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Geordie Outlander Season 5: Who is Geordie Outlander And Conclusion of Geordie!

The terrible effects of Claire's kidnapping are depicted in the Outlander Season 5 finale. We learn more about how the residents of Fraser's Ridge are faring after the attack on the Ridge. However, most of this involves watching Claire suffer from Lionel Brown and the other bandits' physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Specifically, Lionel and his allies killed Geordie.

Who, Geordie, you might be wondering? Excellent query! The Geordie in question is not Print Shop Geordie (Lorn MacDonald), who was a perfect addition to the Season 3 characters as Jamie's grumpy print shop worker.

He is not Geordie Dougal from Season 1 (Bryan Larkin), who famously perished after being impaled by a wild board during the Castle Leoch era. No, I think either of those two Geordies is more remembered than the current Geordie.

We witness the terrible consequences of Claire's kidnapping in the Outlander Season 5 finale. While most of the episode involves seeing Claire subjected to Lionel Brown and the other bandits' physical, psychological, and sexual assault, we also receive an update on how the residents of Fraser's Ridge are faring following the attack on the Ridge. Specifically, that Geordie was murdered by Lionel and his allies.

Geordie Outlander Season 5

After being kidnapped, Claire experienced her most gruesome ordeal to date in the Never My Love season five finale of Outlander.

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Fortunately, her husband, Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), and the rest of her family were able to save her, but not before she had been subjected to sexual assault and a severe beating.

Outlander' recap: Season 5, Episode 11 | EW.com

In the concluding chapter, she was abducted when a group of guys arrived at Fraser's Ridge and took Claire away from her operation.

Geordie Outlander Season 5: Plot

In the most recent Outlander episode, Claire, now a community's mainstay, was seen aggressively organizing her attempt to return to the stones at Craigh na Dun. Her plot was foiled, however, by a fortuitous encounter with Jamie in the stables on the eve of The Gathering, a meaningful ceremony at which the clansmen swear allegiance to the laird.

geordie outlander season 5

Instead, she discovered herself taking part in a traditional boar hunt, seeing the savage murder of Geordie, one of the clan members, and being compelled to go with Dougal and the clan to uncharted territory.

Geordie Outlander Season 5: Who Is Geordie In Outlander?

In the most recent Outlander episode, Claire, who has established herself as a permanent fixture in the community, is preparing to return to Craigh na Dun. Her plan was thwarted when she unexpectedly ran into Jamie in the stables on the eve of The Gathering when the clansmen vow loyalty to the laird.

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She was forced to accompany them on a trip to a new place with Dougal and his clan after she and Dougal witnessed geordie's terrible death. In Saturday's episode, “The Gathering,” Claire and Dougal's troubled relationship underwent a massive change due to their intoxicated encounter in a dim hallway.

geordie outlander season 5

Writer-producer Matt Roberts, “that relationship is one of our most intricate in the series,” and it is simple to understand why. Roberts, who admits to once having been an Outlander fan, talked about scripting the appearances of Ron Moore and Diana Gabaldon, the “conflicted” connection between Claire and Dougal, and the added strain of getting Claire and Jamie's courtship just right.

After their chance encounters in a pitch-black hallway while both were intoxicated, “The Gathering” signaled a fundamental change in Claire and Dougal's complicated relationship. That relationship is one of the most complexes in the series, as writer-producer Matt Roberts tells The Hollywood Reporter, and it is simple to understand why.

Roberts, an avid fan of the Outlander series in the past, discusses writing the cameo appearances of Ron Moore and Diana Gabaldon, the “conflicted” connection between Claire and Dougal, and the burden of accurately portraying Claire and Jamie's courting.


What Geordie is this, then? After Season 5 of Outlander, Geordie Chisholm's passing is officially confirmed. It was included in six of the season five episodes. Introduce yourself in “Free Will.” Geordie Chisholm is a fictional character who lives with the Frasers on the Ridge and is once an Ardsmuir prisoner. Having five children, he is married. It's kind of like that.

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When Lionel and the other men enter by effraction, there is a chance that Geordie will be waiting for a patient at Claire's hospital. He attempts to push them away and becomes agitated. He became entrapped in his wounds. Undoubtedly, this death highlights that one of the main characters was killed. In “Never My Love,” we learn that Marsali wouldn't have been aware of him without Claire caring for him.

geordie outlander season 5

Throughout, a tremendous sense of gravity and consequences is impregnating the attack. You already know that Claire's portrayal of the collective violence at the end of Season 5, or any instance of this show using sexual violence as a means of interest, hasn't made this point clear to you.

Geordie Outlander Season 5: Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Plays Geordie in Outlander Season 5?

Gilly Gilchrist

Geordie Chisholm is the Geordie Whose Demise is Revealed in the Outlander Season 5 Finale (Gilly Gilchrist).

Who is Georgie Outlander?

In Diana Gabaldon's Books, Geordie Was One of the Inmates at Ardsmuir Prison, While Jamie was held there due to the Jacobite Rebellion. On the Frasers' Estate, Geordie Had Created a New Life for Himself and His Five Children, and His Passing Will Undoubtedly Be Deeply Felt by All.

What is a Geordie Lad?

A Geordie is “a Native or Inhabitant of Tyneside or a Neighbouring Region of North-east England,” or “the Dialect or Accent of Persons From Tyneside, Especially Newcastle-upon-tyne, or (More Generally) Neighbouring Regions of North-east England.”

Will there be a sixth season of Outlander?

The sixth season of Outlander is available on Netflix in several countries, and it will expand to other countries over the following two years. The sixth season of Starz's Outlander has just come to a close, and certain Netflix areas still have the entire season available.


Sadly, the conclusion revealed that Geordie had died after being stabbed by the evil men as he attempted to repel them. He was one of the individuals who had immigrated from Scotland to the New World and was now residing with his family on Fraser's Ridge.
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