Gayle King’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey: A Testament to Health and Wellness!

In recent years, Gayle King, renowned television personality and co-host of CBS This Morning, has become an inspiration for many due to her incredible weight loss journey.

King's transformation has not only captured the attention of her fans but has also sparked discussions about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, self-care, and the challenges that come with achieving weight loss goals.

Gayle King's Weight Loss Transformation

Gayle King, the CBS Mornings host, has been candid about her weight struggles over the years, but owing to a determined workout routine, she's shown off the effects of her slimmed-down figure in a set of bikini images taken over Thanksgiving weekend in 2023.

Gayle King's Weight Loss Transformation


Gayle said in 2020 that she went on a soup diet to get into the clothing she wore for election night coverage. The journalist demonstrated her weight loss journey on Instagram, going from 172.2 pounds to 165 pounds.

The Maryland native lost over 28 pounds in 2016 by joining Weight Watchers and documenting her weight reduction progress with images of her scale. She did, however, admit to gaining seven pounds during the COVID lockdowns.

How Did Gayle King Lose Weight?

One key aspect of Gayle King's weight loss journey is her commitment to mindful eating. Instead of following fad diets or extreme measures, she focused on making informed food choices and paying attention to portion sizes. King has been vocal about incorporating more whole foods, fruits, and vegetables into her diet while being mindful of her overall calorie intake.

Gayle King's Weight Loss Transformation

Gayle King is a busy woman who exercises out regularly. Her weekly plan is to exercise for at least an hour 5-6 days a week. Half of that time is dedicated to cardio, and the other half to power training.

She works out her upper and lower bodies at separate times, and she doesn't appear to skip leg day. She also works out her abs now and then.

Gayle values power training just as much as she does aerobics. She claimed that she only noticed significant changes when she began lifting weights or doing strength training. She said that exercising cardio alone didn't make much of a difference.

People frequently find it difficult to keep to their weight-loss plans because they are typically unpleasant. Even if you encounter little issues, it is critical to maintain focus; nevertheless, major disruptions to your daily routine should be avoided.

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Gayle King's weight loss success can be attributed to her consistency and perseverance. She recognized that making lasting changes to her lifestyle required dedication and a long-term commitment. Rather than seeking quick fixes, King embraced a gradual and sustainable approach, celebrating small victories along the way.


Gayle King's weight loss journey serves as an inspiration to many, demonstrating that a commitment to health and wellness can lead to transformative results.

Through mindful eating, regular exercise, perseverance, and a positive mindset, King has not only achieved a healthier weight but has also become an influential figure in the conversation around body positivity. As she continues to share her story, Gayle King encourages others to prioritize their health and embrace the journey towards a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

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