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Gangs of London Season 3: Release Date | Confirm or Cancelled?

Gangs of London Season 3: Gangs of London is one of the most popular shows to come out of Sky Studios. When it came out in 2020, it lit the channel on fire. With a brutal tone and some jaw-dropping action scenes, the second season basically doubles down on the violence, but it doesn't really wrap up any of its big plot threads.

If you've finished watching this one, you might be wondering if it's still going or if it's been canceled or renewed. Here's everything we know about Gangs of London Season 3 so far, including cast, release date, and more. 

Will There Be a Third Season of Gangs of London?

At the time this was written, Sky had not picked up Gangs of London for the third season, but it seems likely that they will soon. At the end of the show, nothing is solved, and all the pieces are there for an exciting third season.

Gangs of London Season 3

Before renewing a show, streaming services usually look at a number of factors, such as how many people watch it at first and how quickly they stop. Some shows are quickly canceled or kept on the air. Sometimes, it can take months before a show's future is decided for sure.

Most of the time, Sky takes a long time to decide what to do. It's also important to note that the show airs on NowTV and Sky OnDemand at the same time as it airs on Sky Atlantic, so it could be a few months before we find out anything for sure.

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So far, critics and viewers have had a lot of different things to say about the second season of Gangs of London. But because of how this one ends, we think Gangs of London will be brought back for a third season. We’ll be sure to update this section when we find out more!

What Could Happen in Possible Gangs of London 3?

The second season of Gangs of London left a lot of loose ends for the third season to pick up. The latest run ended with the news that Lale (Narges Rashidi) is still alive and maybe joining forces with Pakistani crime boss Asif Afridi in a way that isn't ideal.

They both want to take back control of London's criminal underworld, which could lead to an exciting and probably bloody showdown with the Wallaces and the Dumanis if the show comes back.

Gangs of London Season 3

Sean Wallace, played by Joe Cole, could return to the front lines in season 3 after taking a back seat at the beginning of season 2. However, it is still unclear how the character could get out of prison.

Who Could Be in Season 3 of Gangs of London?

If Gangs of London comes back for a third season, we can expect to see more of Elliot Finch and Sean Wallace, played by p Drsù and Joe Cole, whose rivalry has only gotten worse in the episodes we've seen so far.

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If the season 2 finale is any indication, the writers also want to bring back Narges Rashidi and Asif Raza Mir in their roles. Lucian Msamati, Michelle Fairley, Paapa Essiedu, and Pippa Bennet-Warner could also come back.

Is There a Trailer for Gangs of London Season 3?

We don't have any new footage from the hit crime show yet, but we'll add it to this page if we get any. Until then, you can check the trailer for Season 2 below:

Where Can I Watch Gangs of London?

Gangs of London is now streaming on Sky and NOW. Keep this article bookmarked because we’ll update it with the release date.

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