Full Review of Wondershare PDFelement For iOS Version3.0

Most of the PDF editor tools available in the market are old and not updated to the current technology, whereas Wondershare PDFelement has just come up with a new iOS V3.0 update which makes it future-ready. This new version of the PDF editor app can smoothly work on all iOS devices, unlike other outdated apps.

Now PDFelement provides a very hassle-free experience to their users as they have optimized almost all the old features. Here, we are going to look into some of the new and updated features of PDFelement. Before going further, let's get to know about Wondershare PDFelement and the improvements that we can enjoy in this newly updated version.

New Functions of Wondershare PDFelement

Keeping a PDF editor app handy for everyday use is a must and Wondershare PDFelement is one such app that you can conveniently use for your daily requirements related to PDF. PDFelement is a complete one-stop solution for PDF documents that can perfectly work on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Cloud, etc. You can do several tasks like PDF editing, conversion, annotations, sharing, and many more with the help of Wondershare PDFelement.

With the introduction of the new version of PDFelement for iOS V3.0, now following improvements can be seen in the PDFelement app:

1. Added the function of inserting hyperlinks:

Earlier it was not possible to insert hyperlinks in PDF files but the new update has changed everything. Now you can easily add hyperlinks in PDF documents to instantly go from one page or web page to another in no time.

2. Added picture/camera signature function:

The newly updated feature of signing documents has outperformed the old one. You can easily sign documents with the help of remote and proxy signature functions.

3. Scan optimization:

Scanning has been optimized in the new version of PDFelement. Now the app can automatically identify the area you are going to scan and instantly adds a filter to keep the scanning results clearer.

4. Added OCR and text recognition functions:

If you work regularly on PDF files then you must be aware of the use of OCR and text recognition functions to edit PDF documents. With the new and enhanced feature of pdf ocr and text recognition, PDFelement will allow its users to change scanned files into editable documents on iPhone and iPad with ease.


5. UI upgrade:

The biggest improvement in PDFelement is the new and more concise UI of the app and the document-level menu has been optimized as well. Also, the image-text editing and merging feature are simplified in the new version to make working on PDFelement more convenient.

Full Review of Wondershare PDFelement for iOS

Wondershare PDFelement is popular for the features they provide to iOS users. Have a look at the major functions that you can perform using the PDFelement app to know this tool better and make a rational decision.

Create and edit PDF files easily.

You won't need any other app if you have the PDFelement app installed on your iOS devices. The convenient interface will help you in creating different types of PDFs and you can easily edit them the way you wish.

Read PDF with annotations and comments.

Every feature provided by PDFelement is top-notch and you will definitely enjoy working on it. Reading PDF documents along with annotations and comments given by other people or by you is now possible with the help of this amazing tool.

Fill and sign PDF forms.

The features of PDFelement do not limit to just creating, editing, and reading PDF files. You can use this app as a Pdf filler as well. It means that now you can fill and add signatures in PDF forms without looking for any other tool to do the job.


Convert PDF on iPhone/iPad.

It is not simple to convert PDF documents into any other file format on iPhone/iPad as most of the tools are not available on iOS devices. PDFelement proves to be a lifesaver here. You can convert PDF documents into other file formats hassle-free.

Sync PDFs with Cloud services.

Another major feature of PDFelement is that it allows you to sync PDFs easily to the Cloud services, and of course, it is not allowed for most of the PDF editor tools available in the market by the Cloud services of iOS.

The Pros and Cons of PDFelement

Every decision should be taken after considering the pros and cons of making the decision, and the same should go with PDFelement. Here are some pros and cons of using the PDFelement app:


  • The user interface is quite simple and easy to use.
  • Cost-effective tool to not put a heavy burden on the user's pocket.
  • Newly introduced features to keep everyone updated.
  • OCR and image recognition function.


  • You can't work without internet connectivity.
  • Limited options for file conversion.
  • Money requirement for paid plans.


Consistent advancement of technology forces app developers to keep their applications up to date. Hence, it becomes crucial for every app to be fully updated to meet the requirements of operating software for devices to run properly. The iOS system only allows fast applications to run smoothly on their devices which makes it difficult for most of the apps to work properly on iOS devices for too long.

To cater to this issue, PDFelement has released an advanced and improved version for iOS V3.0 that can perfectly function on iOS devices. Above, we have critically reviewed this app for those who work on PDF documents regularly and wish to use iOS devices for the same.