Fraymakers – What We Know So Far

What is Fraymakers?

Fight in Fraymakers, the ultimate customized platform combat game, boasts a cast that includes some of the biggest names in independent gaming.


Battle it out with up to four players at a time, and rely on assists to help you out when the going gets tough. Create or play with your own characters, stages, modes, and more for hours of entertainment!


Key Features

  • Fraymakers is designed to be welcoming to beginner players but still tough and expressive for veteran players. It is simple to learn, but difficult to master – This game will provide hours of entertainment whether you want to play a short round with your pals or try to climb the leaderboards in the long run.
  • When it comes to fighting game net code, rollback is the gold standard, as anyone who has been a part of the fighting game community over the previous few years will tell you. The rewind feature has been prioritized and incorporated into Fraymakers from the beginning of development, ensuring that the online experience is the smoothest it can be.


  • There are more than 80 animations for each character, so we didn't skimp on anything! All of the movements and attacks you've come to expect from a platform fighter, as well as some fresh new ones, are included in each character's arsenal.
  • A wide array of independent characters are available to assist you in unleashing an attack, firing a projectile, buffing your character, or inflicting a special status effect on your opponents.
  • Additionally, it has infinite expandability! – Both the game and our own content editor were created to be easy to use while also being powerful. We want the process of creating your own content to be as straightforward and enjoyable as possible for you. This implies that, whether you're a player or a creator, the options are virtually limitless.

Final Words

That’s All About Fraymakers. Stay Tuned For More Updates And Bookmark Our Site For More News. Thank You For Reading!

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