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Floor is Lava Season 2 Release Date: Who Will Be The New Contestants?

Netflix‘s “Floor is Lava,” an apparently frivolous game program, quickly became a success with its housebound audience during the Covid-19 outbreak. The show requires teams of three to battle in an obstacle course simulating a Dali-meets-Tim-Burton-esque room complete with furniture and décor pieces floating in “lava,” and is equal parts “American Ninja Warrior” and “childhood flashback.”

Aim towards the opposite side of the room without falling into the pit of brilliant red boiling lava by leaping, swinging, flopping, or flailing your way from item to object.

For the pre- and early-internet age, the show's appeal resides in its inventive, absurdist rediscovery of a game they played at home as children (the same nostalgic appeal that made “True American” from “New Girl” so comically familiar, despite the fact that its rules were never fully explained).

Rutledge Wood (Top Gear USA, Southern and Hungry), a native of Alabama, is the show's host, and his improvisational talents, ability to banter, and willingness to lean into a few Dad Jokes earned him an immediate hit with fans.

Like previous obstacle course gameshows (like “American Ninja Warrior”), this one doesn't need its players to practice year-round in their own Cross Fit studios. Fans are eagerly waiting for Season 2, but when can they expect it?

Release Date of Floor is Lava Season 2

Floor is Lava Season 2
Floor is Lava Season 2

This simple childhood pastime has been elevated to new heights in the season 2 trailer for the ultimate game show that won't let you touch the ground until you attain your goal. On June 3rd, we'll be able to see the first episode of the competitive series.

Megan McGrath and Irad Eyal came up with the concept for Floor is Lava. “Floor Is Lava” is a reality program in which participants must navigate an obstacle course while avoiding a pool filled with stuff you don't want to know but are nearly lured by the colors.

This game show takes the challenge of not contacting the ground to a whole new level. Be ready with your safety gear because the floor is going to be lava this time when the series hits our screens shortly!


Floor is Lava Season 2 Rooms

Floor is Lava Season 2
Floor is Lava Season 2

To a large extent, the creative design teams behind “Floor is Lavaobstacle “‘s course “rooms” are responsible for its success. Season 1 of HGTV‘s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition put competitors to the test in a dizzying assortment of bizarre interiors, including basements, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and even planetariums.

Executive producers Irad Eyal and Megan McGrath spoke extensively with Clint Worthington of Vulture about how they came up with their set ideas and what it takes to bring them to life. Eyal and McGrath drew influence from “theme parks and adventure films,” as well as video games, while imagining a natural history museum that let players to “do all the things that you could never do at a real museum.”

“A house with diverse themed rooms, bound together by the fact that they're all soaked with lava” was the result of this evolution. For those who tuned in to Netflix's global fan event called Tudum, they were treated to a completely new set, which Wood likened to that of filmmaker Mike Flanagan's “The Haunting of Hill House.”

If the haunting set at Tudum is any indication of what Season 2 will bring, the show's themes will be even more carefully curated. “There's a warehouse out there someplace in the globe that's like the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark [and] we're hoping we can sort of unlock it and open up those containers and bring them back.”

As of now, Season 2 appears to be a deliciously absurdist mix of moody interiors and “adventure flicks.”

Is There a Season 2 Trailer for Floor Is Lava?

The hit game show “Floor is Lava,” based on the classic primary school game, has been announced for Netflix. On June 9th, Netflix released the Season 2 trailer.

A full-blown lava-filled volcano has been included into the show for the first time in the show's history this season. In fact, the lava volcano in the trailer is the most visually striking aspect of the film.

After arriving at the starting sites, the contenders can be heard commenting, “This seems harder than the first season.” There are never any dull moments in this show, as the stakes are always rising in the build-up leading up to the eruption of molten lava from the volcano.

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