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Flip Wars Season 2: Is Flip Wars Going To Renewed Or Not?

flip wars season 2

What Is the Storyline of Flip Wars Season 2?

This renovation is so risky that even the most well-liked flippers don't recommend it. In the first season, a dangerous job remodelling a house is presented to Angelo and Gene. The property's noisy location, outdated finishes, and peculiar layouts have caused other flippers to reject the offer.

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In the following episode, Lana and John learn that their new home has outdated kitchens, messy living areas, and filthy bathrooms. David and Ivana decide to renovate a house in Delray Beach, Florida. Later they find that the property has outdated designs and cracked floors and that the roofs are leaking.

Gene and Angel, on the other hand, decide to buy an invisible sight. They later learn that because it needed expensive repairs, their impulsive purchase was a waste of money. The flooring, walls, and ceiling are just a few of the many items that need fixing.

However, Angelo and Gene bid on a house at an auction and win it. The pool in the rear and the lovely setting are two benefits of this home. A leaking roof, a few stray cats, and a lot of insects are some of the disadvantages, though.

Flip Wars Season 2: Cast

In “Flip Wars,” real estate specialists Gene Schroeder, Angelo D' Alessandro, Lana Tufo, Ivana Shoultz, and John Gettle are featured. The network of agents and flippers in the Florida region where the show is filmed is well-connected to these property gurus.

Gene Schroeder is a retired American Footballer who played for the Chicago Bears. Lana and John have both grown up seeing the property business, as their fathers too were professional flippers.

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Ivana and Angelo also have been connected to the real estate and property business for years together. The same cast is expected to return in ‘Flip Wars’ Season 2.

Flip Wars Season 2: Release Date

The first season of “Flip Wars” debuted on April 11, 2018, and it had eight episodes before ending on June 2, 2018. The presentation was praised by a sizable crowd that watched it and earned favourable reviews. There are currently no updates on Season 2, but given its popularity, we may anticipate hearing from the production company very soon.

We may anticipate the premiere of “Flip Wars” Season 2 in the middle of 2020. We'll keep you informed until then.

Flip Wars Season 2: Are Flip Wars Going To be Renewed Or Not?

In 2018, A&E unveiled a brand-new front that elevates house ghost flipping. In the new A&E television programme Flip Wars, a range of professionals who depend on a network of real estate agents for their livelihood are followed. Not your ordinary flip series, this one.

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It proposes a revolutionary idea whereby people invest in real estate they have never seen before and know nothing about. Since he is ignorant of potential issues with a home, such as its condition, its proximity to busy streets, it's overgrown landscaping, its construction date, and its unusual floor plans, making the purchase risky.

It introduces a novel concept in which investors spend their money on properties they have never seen before and have no knowledge about. It is a dangerous purchase since he is unaware of a house’s problems, such as the house’s condition, noisy locations, landscaping jungle, dates of completion, and odd layouts that can turn into a mess.

When Will ‘Flip Wars’ Return on A&E TV?

The American reality television programme “Flip Wars,” commonly referred to as “Flip Wars: Buying Blind,” is produced by A&E TV. It is produced by the Loud company. It follows a team of real estate professionals as they conduct extensive research, attempt to acquire the finest property thefts, and change remote areas.

The Florida homes featured in “Flip Wars” are those that the investors have renovated. Investors are putting their money on the line, therefore it's a hazardous investment because they are unaware of the unforeseen problems a home may have, as well as its condition, noisy surroundings, overgrown landscaping, completion dates, and difficult layouts that could end up in a mess.

On April 11, 2018, the first season of “Flip Wars” debuted, raising the issue of whether a second season will follow. We shall discuss that shortly, but let's take a brief look at the specifics of the series first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Origin of Flip Wars' Ivana?

I'm a Minnesota-born Ginger. On Television, the Combo Probably Looks Excellent. A Call From New York Marked the Beginning of Their New Fame. A New Show on Home Flipping Was Being Produced by a Production Company.

Where is Flipping Wars Filmed?

Sarasota, Florida
We Spoke With John and Lana of Gettle Real Estate to Find Out More About House Flipping, Flip Wars: Buying Blind, and How They Used Tile to Completely Transform Two Homes in the Sarasota, Florida Region.

The Flip Showdown is on What Night?

Flipping Showdown Contest

On Wednesday, November 17 at 9|8c, Watch the Premiere of Hgtv's Brand-new Reality Series Flipping Showdown and Keep an Eye Out for a Secret Code to Enter the Contest for a Chance to Win a $10,000 Reward.

Flip Wars Season 2:Trailer

The trailer for Flip wars seasons 2 has not been released because the series is yet to be scheduled. Keep coming back to the site to find out more about this series. You can also watch the promo video for Flip Wars below.


Flip Wars follows seasoned, skilled flippers as they take on the market's newest craze, ghost flips, where purchasers invest their own money in houses they have never seen, entirely ignorant of any potential issues that could turn their quick flip into a massive hassle. The purchasers find properties they think are unbeatable values, renovate them into masterpieces, and then sell them for a healthy profit using their network of agents, rigorous desktop research, and flipping know-how.

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