Flamengo Opens Negotiations With Chelsea to Release Kendi on Loan With Purchase Option | Flamenco

Flamenco took the first official step to try to hire Kennedy. Red-black board He contacted Chelsea in an attempt to secure a loan for a season. The initial attempt was for a free transfer with a purchase option, but the club was flexible in paying for having a former Fluminence player.

Operation Kindi: Flamengo gives affection and opens doors waiting for strike opportunity

Kendall has a contract with Chelsea until mid-2024 – Photo: Breeding

Since last Friday, Marcos Brass and Bruno Spindel have intensified contacts with businessman Evandro Ferreira. Flamenco has its own player agent Giuliano Bertolucci, Chelsea's representative to Brazil Evaluating the player after the columns for the lowest teams in Europe to make the public believe that the publication is interesting.

Kenny is in the final stages of his vacation in Rio de Janeiro and is scheduled to reappear with the Blues in the next few days, but is expected to allow the negotiated attacking midfielder to resume physical work in Brazil. Effect.

Kendi, who signed for Chelsea in 2016, only played for the London club in the 2017/2018 season. After loans Watford, Newcastle, Getafe e Granada, The contract with the current European champion was renewed until mid-2024, aimed precisely at the financial return on the market.

Baskets in the Kettle and Getaway Times – Photo: Enrique Fontcuberta / EFE

Flamengo opened the doors of Ninho Do Uru to Kent to treat an ankle injury, but Chelsea did not need it. Communication also strengthened the relationship between the parties It was clear from the first moment that having a club player was an option.

Initially, Kendi was reluctant to pursue a career in Europe, but he is already looking forward to returning to Brazil, according to the O Thea newspaper. Flamenco and the athlete have not yet specified their salaries, and at this time there is only mutual option to negotiate.

As soon as the European window opens in early July, The parties are working to convince Chelsea that Flamenco is the best option if they get a new loan. The Gerson case, which went through Europe, came to Brazil and returned with value with the sale of the Olympic de Marseille, one of the arguments placed on the table.

Lyon's Diego Mendes is the name of Gerson's vacancy – Photo: Getty Images

The parties know it If the official plan comes to buy the 25-year-old player for sure, he will not be able to compete. The opinion is that any interested party would have already made some signals in the pre-market period.

In addition to Kenny, Flamenco is working to replace Gerson in the midfield with Diego Mendes. The Lyon player is represented by Rosario Ceni, with whom he served as a team player and commanded during the times of Sao Paulo.