Flack Is Back On Track With Season 2: Flack Season 2

Dramedy web series are on the run to attract more viewers among us. Isn’t it? Be it Netflix or Amazon Prime. The dramedy series liked by most of us is good to watch in season 1. And that’s where another Flack Season 2 has been launched recently!

Here, I would go for the Amazon Prime Original series that has attracted many viewers to its exciting storyline and concept. Hey, Prime viewers, you might be aware of the Flack!

Flack season 1 premiered on 21st February 2019 and rocked it on screen! With a good review and ratings, the production is out with another season of entertainment.


There is a lot to explore about season 2 before the watch and, here’s everything you need to overview.

What Went Good So Far | Season 1

Season 1 was one of the underrated prime video series starring Anna Paquin in six episodes in all. Oliver Lansley wrote the comedy-drama series liked by many of us. As per the record, this season was onboard on 22nd January 2021 and grabbed a lot of attention over its platform.

In short, this season deals with the unusual scenarios of an American PR executive lady in London figuring out sort of stuff with her daily situations and the path of approach to come out of the circumstances. It reveals out how Robyn tries to grab out media attention from a fake sex tape.

Further found Robyn, Eve, Melody helping gesture for Kelly (founder of the organic cosmetic company). The second last phase brings out the role of the new caste as Robyn's new client in the limelight.

By the last episode, we get over the curtain revealing the real-life stage point of Robyn’s life and destruction formed or submerged in her life. That reflects totally on bad publicity in nowadays frame by social media or other broadcasting platforms.

Roles To Review | Meet The Cast

The cast has no variations as of season 1. Your favourite cast actors are again on board in season 2, where Anna Paquin is again in the lead role.

Trailer | Clip

What is better than a trailer to get an idea about the web series? Well, I would not miss the trailer! What about you?

If you have not watched it once then, here are these for you. The Flack Season 2 trailers and clips will help you get a better idea!

Season 2 | New Untold Stories

This season brings with it lots of new approaches by Anna Paquin over the life of celebrities with selfish clients demands and dealings.

In this phase, it has emphasised the love angle of Daniel Dae with the lead characters of the scenario and tangled history found uncertain. The creator tried all approaches to divert the audience's attitude towards the struggles and leads of women as a celebrity.

For the rest you need to watch the series for a broader aspect.


As recorded in season 1, it grabbed good points with a 7.2 IMDb rating. Audience appraisal towards phenomenal acting of Anna Paquin. Many of you found it a clever, hilarious and timing planned setup.

After all this, it was from your side who reviewed hidden gems, dark humour at best, etc. Along with its launching platform (Amazon prime) rewarded it with Five stars. Now, that makes it worth a watch!


Flack season 1 has satisfied its viewers and is in a good place with a 7.2 on 10 IMDb rating. In season 1, Robyn entangled her life between the professional and personal. What’s more in season 2 that she has done?

Now, it's yours to buckle up for the show on Amazon Prime. Hope not to miss the show.

It has already been released on June 11, 2021 on Amazon Prime. So, better not delay! Give it a watch.

And do not forget to comment and share your reviews about the series down below! Season 3 might be on it’s way for your pleasure.