Five Things to Know Before You Start Playing Online Roulette

Did you know roulette is one of the world's most beloved casino games? After all, we cannot be surprised: the mythical wheel is a cult object for millions of players and has thrived in half the world for centuries.

Over the years, this passion has gone global, reaching every corner of the planet. Today, thanks to the net, it is possible to find online roulette on many other platforms and enjoy it from PCs and mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets.

This has exponentially multiplied roulette players worldwide. So many, however, are approaching this new pastime without knowing some essential useful things for having more fun (and spending less, or even nothing!). We list five of them, sure that they will be helpful to you.

  1. There are different variations of roulette

If you have played roulette a few times, you know this game has two main variants. The first is French or European roulette, which is most played in Europe. The second is American roulette, very common in the gambling halls of America's great gambling capitals, such as Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Reno, and also in online casinos in Australia.

Although these two variants may look remarkably similar and thus be equivalent to a trained eye, the reality is quite different. American roulette has an extra number in addition to the canonical 37 (0 to 36) of the French/European variants: we are talking about the double zero, a number in green just like the zero, and therefore on which you cannot bet.

This minimal addition means that in American roulette, the house advantage is double that in French roulette, and therefore players are much less likely to win.

  1. You can choose to play with virtual money or real money

The net offers players a possibility they could only dream of before that of playing for free! Indeed, it is possible to use virtual money at a great many sites, both online casinos, which, however, also offer their games in a “demo” version, i.e., a trial version, and sites specializing in free games.

When playing with virtual money, the player is given a sum of money at the beginning of the game (e.g., $1000), which he can use at will. Of course, this amount does not correspond to money that then at some point, can be withdrawn and spent; it is like Monopoly money in short. It is fun to play with it, but you cannot use it for shopping!

Instead, only and exclusively in real online casinos, you can play with real money by registering and depositing money into your account.

  1. Best not to rush into playing with real money

For novice players, the chance to win can be a great temptation, which may lead them to play for real money right away. But this is not a good idea. In fact, it is much better to gain some experience by playing for free before doing so. You can then learn the game's rules and the deceptions of chance, which can lead us to lose even when we think we are winning.

  1. Live gaming is the latest trend in the online roulette world

In recent years, the “classic” mode of online gaming, i.e., that which involves software, often very realistic, on which one plays as on any video game, has been joined by another, that of the so-called live game. This is a very innovative mode between virtual and “live” gaming.

Here's how it works: the player connects with a live game, and by doing so, a real roulette table with a real croupier, connected via webcam from a real gambling hall, appears on his screen. The player can interact with the table via chat or through special buttons, and after taking bets from all participants, the croupier will throw the ball on the wheel just like in a Monte Carlo or Las Vegas casino.

  1. Choose only licensed casinos

You can find thousands of online casinos on the net, but it is good to know that many are illegal! To operate legally anywhere in the world, casinos must have obtained a license from the ADM, the former AAMS, and Customs; otherwise, they are illegal and can be made unreachable by authorities at any time.

Understand that for players, this means that they can no longer access their accounts, thus losing the money they have deposited and perhaps won.

Checking whether a gambling site has an ADM license is quite simple: authorized sites display it in plain sight on their homepage, and it is also possible to do a check right on the ADM site, where all licensed operators are listed.


Playing roulette involves a simple game that is fun and glamorous, and it is an excellent entertainment for experienced players but also for complete beginners.

Of course, you can win more money at blackjack and poker, but is it as exciting and funny?

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