First Kill Season 2: Who Will Be Coming Back?

In the best of circumstances, teen romance can be a difficult endeavor. You can’t build a long relationship if you throw in monsters, feuding families, honor, and responsibility! Juliette (a vampire) and Calliope (a hunter) were struck with a serious setback in season one.

Calliope and Juliette broke up when she mistakenly turned her dying brother Theo into a vampire by accident. Theo is now on the run from his family, who have vowed to kill him, led by his father.

Elinor, Juliette’s sister, is in significant legal jeopardy, so things aren’t much better for the vampire clan.

It would be great if there was a second season if there ever was one…

First Kill Season 2: Cast

First Kill Season 2

As Juliette and Calliope, we can count on Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis to return. This couple’s future is now in jeopardy, and we want to see them get back together.

In season one, the freshly resurrected vampire Theo’s fate was also in jeopardy. This chapter will not be left unfinished under any circumstances. The second round is set for Phillip Mullings Jr.

We also anticipated to see the following with them:

• Gracie Dzienny as Elinor
• Dylan McNamara as Oliver
• Aubin Wise as Talia
• Elizabeth Mitchell as Margot
• Will Swenson as Sebastian
• Jason Robert Moore as Jack
• Dominic Goodman as Apollo
• Walnette Marie Santiago as Carmen
• Jonas Dylan Allen as Ben Wheeler


First Kill Season 2: Plot

First Kill Season 2

Can we possibly be the only ones who have a crush on Calliopette? Julie? We have no doubt that at least one of those will become popular.

Their arduous and heartbreaking decision to part ways has left us with little reason to have hope. Despite Juliette’s best efforts to give Theo a dignified passing, the fact that she turned Calliope’s brother Theo into a vampire by mistake seems to have scuttled any chance of a peaceful resolution.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that a short pause between seasons will leave enough space in between them to allow past wounds to heal.

Theo’s quest toward self-improvement will very certainly be the subject of a second installment. Will he be able to accept himself, despite the fact that he is a bloodsucker and part of the same evil that took his mother’s life? Not to mention, how will he react to being the one doing the hunting? Everything is just too much.

Because of Elinor’s involvement in the Theo-vamp incident, she has been taken to jail by the police by accident. How will she get out of jail if her parents are unable to come to her rescue and save her? The air is thick with the stench of many slayings.

In the season finale, Talia and Theo sought assistance from Oliver, Juliette’s brother, although it remains unclear if they can put their faith in Oliver. The ramifications of the fact for Theo have not yet been clarified.

First Kill Season 2: Potential Release Date

First Kill Season 2

The LGBTQ+ forbidden love story that was produced by Netflix and released on June 10th, 2022, included an eight-episode narrative arc.

There has been no confirmation of a second season as of yet; but, based on the several unresolved storylines that were left hanging at the end of the first season, it was clear that this was never intended to be a one-off event.

It is ultimately up to the audience to decide whether or not the plan for another will be carried out.

Because of the law of supply and demand, if you want more genuine passion as well as bloodlust, you should stream, stream, stream.

If there is indeed going to be a second season, then there won’t be another episode of this murderous show until the summer of 2023.

First Kill Season 2: Trailer

You will undoubtedly be in for a little bit of a wait considering that the first season has just been released, but be sure to check back here for updates. We are going to wait with the same level of impatience as you.

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