Fire Force Season 3 Release Date: Announcement of Renewal and Many More!

Suppose you're thrilled to see the last season of Fire Force. Fire Force is a 2015 dark fantasy manga by Atsushi Okubo. Since 2006, Kodansha has published its volumes. In July 2019, David Production released an anime adaptation.

Currently, Funimation has two seasons of popular anime. This article is about the third season. The makers haven't revealed any specifics about the following season.

But the internet has enough buzz to inform us when Fire Force Season 3 will be released. So without further ado, here is the new season's schedule!

Season 3 of Fire Force Renewal

There is currently no official word from the makers on whether or not Fire Force Season 3 will happen. But there's enough material for a third season. Nine of the twenty-nine volumes remain unopened.

Fire Force Season 3

This gives optimism for a new season. IMDB also gives both seasons of Fire Force a 7.7 rating. The show has a 7.75 MyAnimeList public rating. So, bringing a new season will not be difficult for the producers.

For now, the only proof we have is the last season's cliffhanger. When a story isn't finished, the makers decide on another season. Moreover, the first two seasons had a good reception.

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For now, supporters can only hope for official news. The demand for a new season will soon persuade the producers to announce it.

Release Date for Fire Force 3

The epidemic forced the postponement of the Fire Force 2nd season. The sequel will now be released in December 2020. So it's safe to presume the third edition will be in the same condition.

As previously stated, the author is considering adding a few additional volumes to the manga due to its enormous success. As a result, the animation creators will also have to wait.

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However, the creators can vary from the source material and give Fire Force Season 3 an original ending. Fans should expect a late anime release if the manga is the reason for the delay. Slates for Fire Force Season 3 should be released by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Is There Enough Data?

The popular fantasy show's first and second seasons include twenty-four episodes apiece. Fire Force's first season covers the first eleven manga volumes.

Fire Force Season 3

The next one covers plots from Volume 11. Until volume 20, the anime tells the story. It later deviates from the 20th volume's ending. The manga has 29 books. This suggests the last season has enough stuff to cover.

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In terms of sales, the manga outsells the anime. In April, the manga sold 15 million copies. Also, mangaka Atsushi Okuno plans to write more volumes after the 29th edition. This indicates a fourth season is possible. But let's avoid long-term speculations.

Season 3 Plot of Fire Force!

Many fans enjoyed the Season 2 finale of Fire Force. Captain Benimaru is now training Shinra and Arthur. Tokyo is under attack, and the firefighter squad must devise a plan to save their city.

Shinra finally gets to the “Press of Death” in training. By the end of the season, fans see chaos. Tokyo is on fire, and foreign soldiers have invaded. By season's end, the Special Fire Force Company 1 captain was also dead. This has a disastrous effect on Tokyo.

Now Fire Force Season 2 makes us think of Tokyo's demise. That isn't enough for him. They need a team of skilled firefighters to help them remove the invaders.

The upcoming season of Fire Force may potentially center on the redemption arc of Special Fire Force Company 8, who have been labeled traitors for a long time. Let's see what Season 3 of Fire Force has in store!

New Cast and Crew!

No official word is on who will work on the Fire Force Season 3 sets. But the makers haven't acknowledged any crew member's departure. So, it's safe to presume that most characters will return in the third Fire Force.

Currently, speculation is that Season 2 director Tatsuma Minamikawa will also direct the third. He'll also write for the project. Also, Kenichiro Suehiro will compose the anime's music.

The same goes for the show's cast. To begin with, Gakuto Kajiwara will portray Shinra Kusakabe. Aoi Yki reprises her role as Kotatsu Tamaki. Kenjiro Tsuda will also play the Joker. Finally, Saeko Kamijo and MAO are Maki Oze and Iris, respectively.

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