Find Your Next Adventure: A List of Top 10 Must-See Movies Like Lord of the Rings!

A list of the top 10 epic adventure and fantasy movies like Lord of the Rings, including “Star Wars,” “Kingdom of Heaven,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “Stardust,” “Eragon,” “Harry Potter Series,” “The Monkey King Series,” and more. Each film offers a unique take on the genre, blending traditional fantasy with humor, love stories, and thrilling adventures. Sit back and read the full article to know everything in detail.

10. Star Wars

Movies Like Lord of the Rings

That the “Star Wars” encounter takes place on a level that is both easy to understand and frequently humorous is part of what makes it so memorable. It's usually the violence in a film—whether it is the inner turmoil of a Bergman character or the mindless snap of a shark's teeth—that really grabs me.

Imagination can be tapped upon in a variety of ways, but scary movies stand out as a prime vehicle. Yet, there is essentially little bloodshed in “Star Wars” (and even then, it is presented as practically bloodless swashbuckling). Instead, there is the simple pleasure that makes the complexities of modern movies irrelevant.

9. Kingdom of Heaven

Movies Like Lord of the Rings

A more complete and satisfying viewing experience can be found in the director's cut of the 2005 historical fiction movie Kingdom of Heaven, which was met with mixed reviews upon its first release. The same charm can be found in the 2005 theatrical edition, but director Ridley Scott tacked on over 50 minutes of extra material.

When you take into account the additional story, character motivation, and visual strengths for which the Kingdom of Heaven was already renowned, you have two movies that are pretty distinct from one another. You should see the director's cut if the fundamental notion of a young blacksmith (Orlando Bloom) getting drawn into a long journey and eventual conflict by his father (Liam Neeson) sounds interesting to you.

8. Alice in Wonderland

Movies Like Lord of the Rings

One of the best instances of a fantasy film, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is based on Lewis Carroll's classic book. The film tells the story of a young girl named Alice who aids the White Queen in regaining her reign by killing the Red Queen's Jabberwock puppet.

The conflict between the two queens is reminiscent of Sauron and Saruman, and the monster is reminiscent of the Balrog or one of the other monsters that must be defeated in Mordor before the hero can complete the quest. Fantasy fans can take their focus away from Middle Earth and into a great rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland, which features some brilliantly weird characters.

7. Stardust

Movies Like Lord of the Rings

Attempting to win the heart of Sienna (played by Sienna Miller), Tristan (Charlie Cox) makes a vow to bring a falling star to her. He travels to a fantastical land & finds that the star is actually a lovely young girl, whom he must save from a wicked witch & a band of airborne pirates. The “pre-Tolkien English fantasy” that Stardust purports to honor.

Magic in the days before Tolkien was more fantastic and risky than it was about Good and Evil. The filmmakers set out to make a fantasy film that would appeal not just to fans of The Lord of the Rings but also to those who often avoid such fare. A magical object quest and massive fights are two of Stardust's many shared elements. Fans of the fantasy genre will enjoy this book.

6. Eragon

Movies Like Lord of the Rings

While Eragon may not be the most commercially successful film on this list, we believe that fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy should give it a look. Despite its flaws, Eragon is nevertheless entertaining enough to recommend even if you haven't read the book.

The film adaptation of Eragon features notable work from Ed Speleers and Jeremy Irons, as well as impressive visual effects and a tale that holds up well enough despite significant deviations from the source material.

5. Harry Potter Series

Movies Like Lord of the Rings

We may have found the finest sorcery-based film series in the Harry Potter movies. The 8-part series, which was based on J. K. Rowling's fantasy novels of the same name, was a worldwide smash hit. Harry Potter's imaginative story transports readers to the enchanted realm of Hogwarts, which shares many similarities with Tolkien's Middle-earth.

Harry Potter & his friends have a devoted fan base despite the fact that the final film in the series was published over a decade ago. Throughout the course of 8 films, they learn numerous magical spells, meet fantastic creatures & combat enormous evil.

4. The Monkey King Series

Movies Like Lord of the Rings

Like King Arthur or Hercules, the Monkey King is a legendary mythical person with a rich historical foundation. The film follows the narrative of Sun Wukong, a monkey God, and is based on the Ming Dynasty-era Chinese classic fantasy novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en (Donnie Yen).

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Having fallen to Earth from Heaven, Wukong must discover his life's meaning, and so he sets off on his own personal epic quest à la The Fellowship of the Ring, which leads him to both the afterlife and the afterworld. Perhaps the name Sun Wukong rings a bell because he served as an influence on the character of Son Goku in the Dragon Ball anime series.

3. Beowulf

This 2007 film is another epic adventure film in the vein of The Lord of the Rings. Beowulf, played by Ray Winstone, is a warrior who, in order to vanquish a small demon named Grendel, travels to the court of King Hrothgar (Anthony Hopkins). Angelina Jolie plays Grendel's mother, who seeks revenge after her son's death in the film. You should see this movie instead of reading epic poetry.

2. Shrek

Movies Like Lord of the Rings

Shrek, released in 2001, borrows elements from The Princess Bride to create a blend of traditional fantasy, a touching love story, and a hilarious farce. Despite its intended audience of young children, this charming animated comedy has plenty of appeal for viewers of all ages.

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Because it is based on a children's picture book published in 1990, Shrek features several bright settings and adventure movie clichés. It combines these themes with a humorously offbeat spin that makes fun of the conventions of its own fairy tale genre. The film's three leads—Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz—have terrific chemistry and provide a lot of personality and fun.

1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Although most people are familiar with the story, seeing Charlie Hunnam play Arthur, who is exiled from his own realm when his uncle murders his father, is a totally different experience. For him to fulfill his destiny as the legendary knight, Excalibur's retrievement requires him to embark on a perilous quest. And exact revenge for his late father.