Fight Procrastination Day: When Is It & How to Celebrate It?

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Fight Procrastination Day is September 6. It is an unofficial holiday that inspires people to take control of their procrastination issues and discover strategies for overcoming the constant desire to put off vital tasks.

We occasionally encounter a task that we would prefer not to complete. Simple tasks like clearing desks or ordering birthday presents might be as complex as preparing a paper for class or finishing the garage cleanout.

We have all put off difficult, tedious, or vital chores by engaging in other activities.

National Fight Procrastination Day's Past

On National Battle Procrastination Day, we are urged to rise and fight against the destructive practice of “putting things off.”

Fight Procrastination Day

We frequently encounter tasks that we would prefer to put off or ignore. A simple chore, like organizing our pantry or purchasing a birthday gift, or a difficult one, like creating a presentation for the class, can be assigned.

We have all put off accomplishing tricky, time-consuming, or required jobs by engaging in other activities.

According to a 1992 study, 52% of the students assessed had a high to moderate procrastination problem.

According to statistics, 80% and 95% of college students delay and postpone tasks, with about 75% self-identifying as procrastinators.

Student syndrome is the tendency for a student to begin entirely focusing on a task until just before the deadline.

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According to Freud, this procrastination issue may be caused by the pleasure principle.


Sometimes procrastination does not result in bad things. Procrastinators typically finish the task at hand at the very last minute. According to some psychologists, procrastination is frequently thought to be a symptom of a perfectionist personality.

However, procrastination can occasionally become a problem. According to studies, procrastination is a behavior that can lead to increased stress and anxiety, decreased productivity, and poor job performance.

How to Celebrate Fight Procrastination Day?

Here are some strategies to help you on Fight Procrastination Day if you find yourself being a chronic procrastinator:

Fight Procrastination Day

  • Now that you have a to-do list start checking things off.
  • Find strategies to counteract your procrastination habits. Maybe ask a friend to keep track of your progress?
  • Reward yourself when you finish a task on time.

On National Fight Procrastination Day, prepare to fight the terrible habit of procrastinating throughout the day by taking your to-do list and starting to do all the jobs that have been put off. Use the hashtag #FightProcrastinationDay to post photos and comments on social media about the day.

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I appreciate you reading the article. You may celebrate every day with and Happy National Fight Procrastination Day 2021.

Can Delayrs Alter Their Behavior?

Procrastinators are capable of changing, but it takes a lot of work. To deal with their problems, some people even try cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Which of the Four Procrastinator Kinds Are You?

The four basic procrastination archetypes are the performer, the self-deprecator, the overbooker, and the novelty seeker.