Fight of the Ages: NFT Technology, Primary Game, Playing a Real-life | Latest Info!

Over the past few months, there has been a surge in interest in metaverse theory. Various companies, including Nvidia, Apple, and Niantic, are working feverishly to develop the necessary technology. Even the name of Facebook's parent company was changed to Meta as a tribute to the company's long-term goal of dominating the metaverse.

There has been a lot of progress, but it's mostly just hazy promises of future immersive experiences. As a result, there has been a paucity of tangible evidence of the metaverse's power. However, things are about to change.

To create an entirely new multiverse experience, we at Fight Of The Ages are developing an all-new multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game using NFT technology, GameFi mechanisms, and mixed reality. In less than two months, gamers will get their first peek at the game's new features. If you'd like to learn more about our initiative, please continue reading.

We're now working on a brand-new AAA title called Fight Of The Ages, which brings together a wide range of cutting-edge gaming technologies. The Unity 3D engine powers the game's hyper-realistic universe, which serves as the foundation for our metaverse.

It will be available on every major platform, including Android, iOS, WebGL (Browsers), Windows, and macOS, because we want to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Additionally, the metaverse will be available from any location and on any platform.

The Fight of the Ages: NFT Technology

The first step is to make NFTs essential to the game so that players can take ownership of all their hard-won in-game goods. Unlike earlier NFT games, though, players will have complete control over these assets in this one as well.

To that aim, our marketplace platform allows players to buy and sell their heroes, equipment, and skins.

In addition, we've introduced what we call “rent-to-play” mechanics in our GameFi mechanisms. Owners of in-game assets can recoup some of their investment by making their items available for rent on the market.

New players who don't want to commit too much time or money into campaign events can simply rent the goods they need from other players who have already completed their leveling process.

Fight of the Ages
Fight of the Ages

The resulting mechanism will turn the game into an economic engine that has never been seen before by crypto gamers. Just getting started with in-game economics, though. Traditional gamers are sure to like the game's many features, as well.

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Fight Of The Ages' Primary Game Mechanics

There is no shortage of stuff to do in the game. To begin, all players will have access to a campaign mode that will allow them to explore the expansive game world we're creating together. To kick things off, players will be introduced to three unique regions of the world in The Unity Saga.

Greenland, the Earth, and the Nightmare will all be explored in more than 30 levels of quest-driven gameplay. Monthly warrior missions and seasonal quests will also be added to challenge players and reward them with FOTA tokens, our in-game currency.

An online fighting arena will be included in Fight Of The Ages in addition to the campaign mode, allowing players to compete against each other and gain experience.

It will use an algorithm-based approach to ensure that fights are fair and that everyone has an opportunity to improve their abilities against opponents of their own level.

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Similarly, the arena's duel mode, in which players control teams of heroes to compete against each other, follows the same set of rules. Duel mode, on the other hand, allows players of all skill levels to compete against each other.

Fight of the Ages
Fight of the Ages

If players want to improve their talents, they can do so by actively seeking out more difficult competitors.

Playing a Real-Life Immersive Game

The gameplay and economy of Fight Of The Ages are fascinating, but we haven't even discussed what is definitely the most interesting component of the game. It's that everything you've read about is being built with Microsoft Mesh compatibility in mind.

As a result, gamers will soon be able to experience our metaverse utilizing Microsoft's industry-leading augmented reality (AR) system Hololens or the VR headset of their choosing.

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Microsoft Mesh's cross-platform compatibility enables us to bring our AR gaming experience to a wider audience. Mesh-enabled app allows PC users to access the game's metaverse, while mobile users can experience AR-enabled combat using their device's screen and camera.