Know All About Fear Street Part Two: 1978

Do you like horror genres, particularly witches and curses? If you do love this type of movie, then you will surely love the Fear street trilogy. In this article you will get to know the Fear Street Part Two in detail. In this part, the director has narrated the story of the past, which belongs to 1978. The first part of Fear Street movie talks about the present, and the third part of the movie talks about the past. 

The movie got a positive review which can be termed to be an exception for a horror movie. Each part of the movie can be termed to be a masterpiece and has a rating of around 6-7n stars for every movie.

The movie was directed by Leigh Janiak

So let have a look at what the movie fear street is about.

Fear Street Part Two


What Fear Street Part Two: 1978 is All About?

Deena and Josh Johnson come to Berman's House in 1994 to confine Sam, Deena's possessed girlfriend.  Initially apprehensive, Berman invites them inside and begins narrating the events of the Camp Nightwing tragedy.

Sheila, a Sunnyvale camper, and her friends accuse Ziggy Berman from Shadyside of stealing on July 19, 1978. Before camp counsellors Nick Goode and Kurt intervene, they accuse her of being a witch and tie her to a tree, threatening to burn her.

Cindy, Ziggy's elder sister, and Tommy Slater, Ziggy's boyfriend, are cleaning the mess hall when Nurse Lane, the mother of Shadyside assassin Ruby Lane, assaults Tommy, telling him he would die that night before authorities remove her from camp.

Sunnyvale teens think she, like her daughter, was possessed by Sarah Fier. Cindy and Tommy run across Alice, an old friend of Cindy's, and her boyfriend Arnie while inspecting the infirmary. They discover Lane's diary, which claims Fier struck a bargain with the devil to win everlasting life by cutting off her hand on Satan's stone. In the diary, they also discover a map that leads to Fier's home.

They uncover empty graves dug up by Nurse Lane at home, as well as the witch's symbol beneath the house. Alice and Cindy come to a wall engraved with the names of all the Shadyside murderers, including Tommy's. Tommy becomes possessed and murders Arnie with an axe, as the girls flee into a cave. Nick assists Ziggy in pranking Sheila and locking her in the outhouse at camp.

Tommy arrives at the camp and murders numerous Shadyside campers, including counsellor Joan, as the two bonds and have a kiss. Meanwhile, Cindy and Alice attempt to flee the cave by using the witch's mark on the journal as a guide. They stumble discover a mound of beating organs, which give Alice memories of all the previous murders and their victims when she touches them. Alice reconciles with Cindy after injuring her leg, and the two find a cave entrance beneath the outhouse.

And after that, the part continues with the story of 1666.


About the Cast of Fear street Part II

Riyan Simpkin as Alice, Emily Rudd as Cindy Berman, Sadie sink as young Ziggi Berman, Gillian Jacob as adult Ziggy Barman, Jordana Spiro as nurse, and many more co-artist who, with their world-class acting, made the movie more thrilling, horror and attractive.

Critical Response

The review aggregator like Rotten Tomatoes approved a rating of 89%, which was based on the 97 reviews of the critics., with an average of 7 out of 10.

The IMDb rated the movie with a rating of 6.8 out of 10 basing upon the reviews of 35,907 critic reviews.

According to Metacritic, the film was approved with an average of 61 out of 100, which was based on the reviews of 15 critic viewers.

This shows that the movie has a good review in the market and was also liked by many of the viewers in the market.

Release date of Fear Street Part 2

The movie got released on 9 July 2021 In whole over the United States. The movie got premiered and was released on the Netflix premium and was aired in the English language.

Wrapping Up

I hope you liked the plot of the movie, the storyline of the film is very interesting, and this was just a very brief overview of what really happened in the movie. So even after reading this, if you liked it, you can watch the movie. The movie is one of those that can be termed as outstanding because it’s excellently written, and hats off to the director for careful planning this movie. 

So, If you like the movie with thrillers and horrors, I would recommend you to watch the movie once. If you have already watched the movie, don't forget to tell us your favourite scene, maybe you and I are on the same page on this. 

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