November 2024 Is Confirmed As Fantastic Four Release Date! Check Out Here

In my opinion, Fantastic Four has always been quite underrated among Marvel superhero movies since it came out from comics and cartoon shows to film versions.

While being a FANTASTIC movie, it is yet to gain the required attention and respect from viewers. That’s because I am pretty sure the Fantastic Four show we saw on Cartoon Network as kids were beyond fantastic.

But what’s next? What is the future of the Fantastic Four? Is Marvel Studios working on upcoming Fantastic Four movie installments? Or if it’s done, maybe it will also be merged into a major series just like Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman, Thor, Guardian of Galaxies, Ant-Man, etc., were added to one blockbuster, The Avengers?

fantastic four 2023 cast

What Do Officials and Speculations Say About Fantastic Four 2024?

We have gathered the official sources for you to make it official and not a rumor. Let’s check out what it says!

  • Click on the image to visit the official account and the above post.

  • This one is 100% official and clears all our doubts and thoughts on whether or not Fantastic Four will be made. But wait, there is more to it! It’s already being discussed! Click on the image to watch a video on Twitter.

And there are several other officials as well as unofficial tweets around. Most of these are posted in 2020, so the movie discussion has already begun.

Fantastic Four Release Date

Sources also confirmed that Marvel Studios held a meeting with the Fantastic Four cast a few months ago. Let’s hope their payment discussion went well.

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We don’t want the cast changing with every installment, as we saw in other Marvel movies.

2024 Fantastic Four Release Date

At the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Kevin Feige made the first official announcement of a Fantastic Four movie.

Feige revealed a release date at SDCC 2022, which was three years later. On November 8, 2024, the new Fantastic Four is scheduled for release.

The 37th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the start of Phase Six will be this one.

Fantastic Four Release Date

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2024 Fantastic Four Cast

While Marvel Studios has yet to finalize the cast (or maybe they already did, and it’s yet to be revealed), fans aren’t behind in giving their suggestions!

Fantastic Four Release Date

However, the names of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt duo (who also happen to be husband-wife) are repeatedly heard in rumors, and fans are also suggesting them.

After these rumors became pretty popular, Emily Blunt interviewed Howard Stern, where she clarified it’s nothing more than rumors.

She also added that superhero movies aren’t her type or taste and that she isn’t even interested in being part of one.

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That’s not a piece of good news to hear for the fans, but these are Emily Blunt’s words.

Who is Going to Be the Villain in Fantastic Four?

Doctor Doom, whose full name is Victor Von Doom (yeah, you got it right), the ruler of a fictional European nation named Latveria, hides a disfigured visage behind a metal mask, and the FF’s main antagonist.

Doom has appeared in numerous prior Fantastic Four film adaptations. However, it is yet to be announced if he will appear in Marvel’s upcoming Fantastic Four film.

Mole Man, Super Skrull, Annihilus, Galactus, Namor, and Molecule Man are just a few of the rogue’s gallery villains available to Disney from the Fantastic Four.

Previous Fantastic Four Movies From Marvel

As they say, you need to go to the past sometimes to understand the future! So let’s recall a few of our great memories to understand and predict the 2023 installment.

The Fantastic Four, directed by B-movie icon Roger Corman, was the first attempt to bring the band to the big screen in 1994.

This was a character origin narrative that was never published — it’s like a Marvel movie’s Star Wars Holiday Special. But there are different accounts as to why. If you’re interested, it’s available on YouTube and isn’t too awful.

With filmmaker Josh Trank at the helm, the franchise was relaunched in 2015. That film featured an excellent ensemble, including Miles Teller as Reed, Kate Mara as Sue, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny, Jamie Bell as Ben, and Toby Kebbell as Doom.

Still, it turned out to be a dreadful disaster. Since then, Trank has stated that he has no desire to helm any more Marvel or DC films.

Wrapping Up

This was all for today’s article. We have gathered all the OFFICIAL updates, excluding most of the rumors that we know most of it will be inaccurate anyways. You can bookmark our website as we will keep gathering more official news as it comes out.

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