Facebook Net Worth: Who are the Founders of Facebook?

As of December 2021, Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook (Nasdaq: FB), is the world’s largest and perhaps most prominent social media platform, with more than 1.93 billion monthly active members.

Whether you use Facebook to keep in touch with friends or to promote your business, it’s impossible to ignore the platform’s widespread use and reach.

facebook networth

According to reports, Facebook is the target of several investigations, including one that was initiated by a whistleblower who claimed that the business was prioritising profit over user safety. According to the Wall Street Journal, a cache of data stolen by a whistleblower contained research reports and employee talks that suggested the business was aware it was promoting hazardous content on its social media platforms, which included Facebook and Instagram.

As a result of the breach, the firm stated in October 2021 that it was the subject of federal investigations. However, CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who vehemently disputes the allegations, has kept himself busy converting Facebook to its new identity, Meta. The Meta brand brings together all of the company’s products and technology under a single umbrella, with an emphasis on making the metaverse come to life.

Facebook: A Brief Overview of the Organization

During the fourth quarter of 2021, Meta became the first company to report on two operating segments under the Meta brand: Family of Apps and Reality Labs, which comprises augmented reality hardware, software, and content, as well as virtual reality hardware, software, and content.

Meta had planned to introduce its new stock ticker, MVRS, on December 1, 2021, however the company said on November 29 that the change will not take effect until the first quarter of 2022. As of February 8, the company’s stock continued to trade under the ticker symbol FB.

Earlier this month, Meta stated in a news statement that Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal and one of Facebook’s most early investors and longest-serving board members, will resign from the company’s board effective February 7, the day of the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

Facebook’s 2021 meeting took place on May 26th, despite the fact that no specific date has been confirmed.


As a startup, Facebook was solely available to students and faculty at Harvard University. Later, it was transferred to a number of other American universities.

As its popularity grew and it began to make headlines, sites like Facebook became more widely known around the world. They accepted participants who were 13 years old or older and had a valid email address.

Despite all of its success, Facebook has also experienced some difficulties. Any startup that wants to develop will want outside investment. The lack of such resources led to Mark Zuckerberg moving Facebook to Palo Alto, California, in the early days of the company.

PayPal expressed an interest in Facebook and made a $12.7 million investment in the company.

Recognized for their Efforts and Accomplishments

Over the course of its existence, Facebook has garnered a slew of honours and recognition. Facebook is considered to be one of the most successful startups in history, and as a result, Mark Zuckerberg became the world’s youngest billionaire at the age of 27.

Facebook was recognised with the People’s Voice Awards in 2008, and it has also received the Crunchie Award for “Best Overall Startup or Product” three times (in 2008, 2009, and 2010).


facebook networth

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Edward Saverin in 2004 and has been around ever since. When they were in college, they were studying at Harvard University, and they made the decision to try something new.

They each invested $1,000 in the site, which was launched in February 2004 and is now known as Facebook. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, who also owns the majority of the company’s stock. Previously, Facebook could be accessed through thefacebook.com.

Persons over the age of 13 who had a valid email address were permitted to participate. Facebook was able to present itself in an appropriate manner, which became one of the primary reasons for its success. It demonstrated an alternative way of life to the globe, and Facebook has never stopped evolving.

It was constantly evolving over the course of time. Initially, Facebook was intended just for chatting and connecting with our friends and family, but it quickly evolved into a place where people could actually live.

Summary of Facebook’s Net Worth

Facebook has a net value of $545 billion as of January 2022, according to Forbes. Facebook is one of the most widely used and most effective social networking sites available right now. It has a large number of users, and the number of users is growing at an exponential rate. Facebook has a net worth of $545 billion, according to some estimates.

Facebook is not alone in this regard; it also owns Instagram as well as WhatsApp, the two social media behemoths. Facebook is experiencing some difficulties with its privacy policy these days. Many countries have expressed dissatisfaction, and Facebook is working tirelessly to put things right.

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Frequently Asked Questions are Included Below

The Net Worth of Facebook has been Estimated at $70 Billion

Facebook’s entire net worth is estimated to be approximately $545 billion.

When was Facebook First Established?

Facebook is a social networking website that was launched in February 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

Who are the Individuals Responsible for the Creation of Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes, and Dustin Moskovitz are the names of the people that founded Facebook.

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facebook networth

Since its creation in 2004, Facebook has become an integral part of our everyday lives. We used to spend countless hours on it, conversing with our friends and family. Facebook has dramatically transformed the way people communicate with one another. A number of additional features have been included, many of which are highly useful in everyday life. After the release of Android, Facebook’s popularity skyrocketed even further. We are quite grateful for their efforts, and the results they have accomplished are truly remarkable.

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