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Ezra Miller Wife: Is He Gay? Know Everything About Him!

Ezra Miller, a hot guy we know from the movies The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Stanford Prison Experiment, where he played a crazy prisoner, has taken the spotlight in Hollywood.

He is not only good-looking and talented, but he has also won awards at the Hamptons International Film Festival and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, both of which are very prestigious.

Even though he has a great career in Hollywood, his love life is also enjoyable. People know that he keeps his personal life pretty quiet. But we will talk about each of his past lovers and what happened between them. Does he have a girlfriend right now? Wonder no more!

Is Ezra Miller Married?

Ezra Miller has never been married and never will be. He did, however, date the famous actress Erin Urb for a long time. During their time together, he said she was the best woman he had ever met and the only one he could marry.

Things went wrong for the couple, and they ended their relationship two years after they got engaged. Even though his relationship with Erin is the longest one he's ever had, Ezra has been with other people.

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After his relationship with Erin ended, he even started dating another well-known actress. But Ezra Miller can't be called gay because most of his dating people have been women.

Is Ezra Miller a Gay?

When we hear about Ezra Miller, the rumor about him being gay is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Many people have said that Ezra is gay, so dating girls is a way for him to hide that fact. Even some of Ezra's fans think that and wonder what is happening.

The rumor began to spread in 2012. But he didn't say that wasn't true. But he didn't call himself gay. Instead, he said he was “queer.” He also told people he was gay in the same year. He didn't mind telling me more about that, which was good.

“It's generational because the word is new to some people. It seems the most open and welcoming to me, so that I can use it myself. In an interview with The Advocate in February 2013, Ezra said, “I think there are a lot of people who fall on this wide range of sexuality.”

Ezra added, “There should be a constant questioning and exploring of who you love and all the things that come with that tricky and beautiful thing.” He thinks that many people are interested in more than one gender spectrum but don't know what the word “queer” means.

It sounds pretty cool, doesn't it? We have a lot of respect for Ezra Miller because he doesn't hide the fact that he's gay and encourages other people to do the same. His love life is also a pretty exciting story, of course.

Erin Urb Was The Girl With Whom Ezra Miller Had the Most Serious Relationship

It's no secret that many other actors are drawn to Ezra Miller's character. One of them is Erin Urb. Erin Urb is an actress from the U.S. She is the only woman Ezra has decided to take things a little more seriously. From 2014 to 2016, Ezra and Erin were married for two years.

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And they went out together for a year before they got engaged. It's strange because Ezra's other relationships didn't usually last more than a year. And they're going to marry? Why does Ezra decide to change his mind?

Ezra Miller Wife

Even though this is Ezra's most serious relationship, not much is known about what went on between him and his girlfriend. There is no clear information about how they met for the first time or why they broke up.

Ezra would rather talk about who he is and how hard life is for him, which we also love to hear about. Still, we want to know more about the details of his love life, but what can we do?

A One-Year Romance with Lauren Nolting

Before he was with Erin Urb, Ezra Miller was with an American photographer named Lauren Nolting. In 2011, they started going out together, but they broke up in 2012. Since she dated Ezra, Lauren Nolting has become more well-known.

Ezra Miller Wife

Even though they don't talk much about their relationship with the press, there are a lot of pictures of them together. From giving each other hugs to just talking to each other. But it will never be possible to find out why they broke up. Still, it took Ezra a year to find another girl to date. After she broke up with Ezra, Lauren had nothing to do with the other guy.

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