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Ezra Miller Accusations: Iceland Choking Victim Speaks Out

A lady who claims Ezra Miller choked her in Iceland in 2020 has come forward to tell her side of the tale.

A woman has spoken with Variety about the incident more than two years after a video surfaced showing the 29-year-old actor choking her and then slamming her to the ground. She requested anonymity to speak freely with the publications.

When the COVID-19 epidemic first broke out, the lady recounted a chat with Miller in a tavern named Priki's Kaffih's that led to the event. Miller's sandal-clad feet had been scratched up by a fight they claimed to have been involved in during their conversation.

“Are you sure you want to go toe-to-toe?” Miller, she recalled, had an answer. By instructing Miller to meet her in the smoking area in two minutes, she could keep up the ruse. Miller recounted the lady saying to him as she walked away, “But so that you know, I could take you in a fight.”

It seemed as though her companion, who informed Miller he'd heard the actor didn't want to fight, antagonized the situation after the lady told Variety that she intended the conversation as “a joke.”

In an interview with a media source, “My friend didn't have to say that.” A “joke” was meant to be taken literally by Miller, who reacted angrily and ran out of the room. During the tape, Miller can be heard saying to her pal, “I'm sorry.” “No, I'm not interested. Do you do that?” before choking her.

When she first heard about it, she thought it was all in good fun. “Suddenly, he was on top of me, choking me, and still yelling at me to fight if I wanted to. If you're serious, my friend filming them stops shooting, and he shoves him off me because they're still fighting me.

Miller is being held back by two of my male pals yelling, ‘This is what you wanted!' What did you want?' he said.” Bartender Carlos Reynir, who intervened to break up a brawl when it got “far out of hand,” also recalled Miller spitting in her face “several times.”

While trying to get them out the back door, Reynir says Miller grabbed her by the throat and yelled, “They're not leaving,” adding that Miller accused the woman's companions of shoving them. Reynir told Variety, “Which they didn't.”

Afterward, Reynir said he shut the door behind Miller, who went to the front and started hammering on the main entrance before he and several companions drove away. “When I first saw them, I was blown away. We discussed a wide range of spiritual topics and delved into philosophical issues, “Of Miller, Reynir stated.

“They were dressed like this great sweetie with an open mind who is always willing to assist and chat to everybody who approaches them. However, it is not [Ezra's] fault if someone does something with which they disagree or are dissatisfied.”

Several occurrences this year have brought Miller to the public's attention, including two instances of disorderly conduct and harassment in a karaoke club in Hawaii. Miller has apologized on both occasions.

A judge signed an order of protection at Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court, but, according to legal records, the court “cannot find or serve” the order to Miller since he is now unknown.

“As parents, we're concerned about our daughter's safety and want her out of this circumstance. Sara Jumping Eagle, the teen's mother, said, “We're terrified about all the worst-case possibilities,” adding that Miller is “on the run.” “with their little son or daughter.

The adolescent spoke in an Instagram video, stating, “So this is how I live. The choices I've made are my own. My parents and the media have let me down in every way.” The adolescent went on to say that “Ezra is innocent” in a subsequent post.


A father from Hawaii recently told Rolling Stone that he is worried about his three young children (ages 1 to 5) residing with their 25-year-old mother on the actor's Vermont property, stating that weapons and marijuana are widely accessible to them.

As the mother of a child whose father she characterized as “abusive,” she thanked Miller for providing a “safe atmosphere” and expressing her thanks for the actor's farm. Two persons with “knowledge of the matter” were also interviewed by Rolling Stone. The media source did not identify any of the persons involved in the article.

With Miller in the lead role, The Flash, which has already finished filming but won't be released until next year due to scheduling conflicts, could be an exciting year for fans of the franchise.

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Bradley Statler
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