Excited for Knockout City Season 2?

You love gaming and stuff, furthermore are you one of those who always know beforehand which game is to come? Also, you are very excited to play the game even before big players play it on YouTube? If the answers to the above question are yes, then you are at the right place. Or shall I say in the right article? Electronic Arts, popularly known as EA Games, has just announced Knockout City Season 2, which is scheduled to release on 27 July 2021.

Knockout city Season 1 was first made live on 21st May 2021. I must say gamers’ reaction to the game was wild. Perhaps, EA has announced its second season titled “Fight at the movies” in a short span of few months”. 

Knockout City Gameplay

The Knockout city carries a sort of nostalgia with it. I remember when I was playing it, I was transported back to my school days playing dodgeball. Yeah, but this is much more intense than the already rough games we played in school.

When you play other multiplayer games with shooting and stuff, that’s just like playing for new experiences, but when you play this game, you get instantly reminded of the rubbery taste of the ball when you were hit by the dodgeball. Also, the cartoonish characters give another feeling.

But at the same time, this game is way complex than it seems on the surface level. It has different ball styles, throw styles, and also it tests your team tactics.

Also, a particular game element that I like about the game is the “speeding ball”. If an opponent throws a ball at you and you catch it, you can throw it instantly with yet more speed. And this thing can be chained up infinitely. At one point in time, the ball becomes so fast you can’t even see it.

Also, you can transform yourself into a ball and become a deadly weapon for your teammates, but this can backfire pretty easily. When you are in the ball form, you have no control over who can pick you. And if the opponent picks you, he will either toss you to the edge or just use you against your teammates. 

Also, the level progression is pretty much similar to other games of these types. After every level or so, you will get either accessories or clothes, and you can rack up a good number of accessories and clothes if you take the game seriously and play it. 

What’s new in Knockout City Season 2?

The new trailer that EA released of Season 2 was a power punch. The maps took the look of Hollywood sets. The other areas that were shown as a part of the trailer were the castle and a lifesize child’s bedroom. I hope the child is not crying there when a bunch of players is playing dodgeball. Also, you can play the game for free till the street rank of 25, which is around 5-6 hours of gameplay. 

Also, a new ball type has been added called the Soda Ball, which will splash soda on your opponent’s screen on impact. And make it difficult to see the map. A new league play has also been added with new contracts to complete, accessories and clothes to earn, 5 new playlists, and new limited-time events. 

Wrapping Up

The knockout city game has already ragged up a good number of players, around 5 million in number. It is quickly becoming a gaming sensation with the new second season and new seasonal updates on one in fall and the other in winter. It will not take time for this game to sweep the gaming world.

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