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Everleigh Labrant Dad: Death Reasons And All You Need To Know!

Tommy Smith, the father of YouTube star Everleigh Rose, has passed away. He was 29.

The announcement was posted on Instagram on Thursday by 29-year-old Savannah LaBrant, the mother of 9-year-old Everleigh.

Savannah, a YouTube sensation, shared a cute picture of Everleigh with her dad and said, “Everleigh and her dad.” “As we mourn the passing of Tommy, Everleigh's father, our hearts are heavy.

He adored Everleigh so much. We respectfully request privacy as we work through this trying time so that Ev's family can continue to care for her, pray for her, and grieve alongside her. We are so grateful for your prayers for Everleigh.”

Savannah, who is wed to Cole LaBrant, died for a different reason than Smith.

According to PEOPLE, the issue is being handled by the Orange County Coroner's office. His cause of death is still under investigation.

Smith “unexpectedly gained his wings,” according to his obituary. “He served as everyone's father, son, brother, grandson, family member, and friend. His passion for living each day to the fullest and his free attitude will be sorely missed.” His funeral arrangements have not been made yet.

In an extract from her 2018 book Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story, published with PEOPLE exclusively at the time, Savannah, who welcomed Everleigh when she was 19, opened up about the highs and lows she and Smith went through.

She has three kids with Cole, her husband-to-be. In a 2020 video uploaded to Savannah and Cole's YouTube channel, Smith previously discussed his parenting experience with Savannah as he answered on social media to criticism directed at his ex and her spouse Cole.

“I enjoy parenting with Sav, he said, and “the hatred toward them must end. Start a tree or something else.”

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The movie also includes a series of TikTok videos that Smith and Everleigh created together, such as one in which he poked fun at his daughter while wearing full face makeup.

Everleigh expressed her gratitude for having two dads in another video posted in July of last year. She responded, “One made me, and one raised me.”

Savannah asked Everleigh how she liked having two dads, and she grinned and said, “I adore it.”

Tommy Smith: Who is He? Information on the Father of Everleigh Labrang

Tommy Smith is the biological father of Savannah LaBrant and Everleigh's daughter.

Everleigh Labrant Dad

Before Savannah meeting and married Cole, the father of her three younger children, the two dated intermittently from 2012 to 2016.

On September 9, Everleigh's Father Passed Away Suddenly

The tragic death of Smith occurred on September 9, 2022. Courtney Santaella, Smith's girlfriend, confirmed the sad news on Instagram.

“Writing this has shattered my heart into a million pieces. She captioned the photo, “I feel numb and have no words to say other than I hope this was a terrible nightmare. “I will always have a particular place in my heart for you. You have my utmost affection, Tommy.

What Was the Cause of the Death of Tommy Smith, Everleigh's Biological Father?

Although the cause of death has not been established, based on a post shared by an alleged buddy, fans believe Smith may have experienced a fentanyl-induced seizure.

Everleigh Labrant Dad

The post claims that Tommy and a guy he knew from AA accidentally swallowed fentanyl, causing convulsions and putting them into cardiac arrest. The data has not been validated.

Everleigh Had Two Parents: Tommy Smith and Savannah Labrant!

Savannah disclosed that she and Smith had a “very toxic relationship” in a video uploaded to The LaBrant Family channel in 2018. Savannah said the two would frequently argue, break up every few months, then get back together.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Everleigh Rose (@everleighrose)

  •  According to LaBrant, Smith cheated twice—once while pregnant with their daughter and again when she was a toddler.
  • The two continued to be friends after ending their sexual connection to co-parent Everleigh successfully.
  • LaBrant stated, “I don't want to disparage him; he's still a wonderful guy. Cole, her husband, continued, “We want him to remain in her [Everleigh's] life forever. He is an excellent father to her and loves her to death. Savannah and Cole were wed in July 2017 after the first meeting in June 2016.
  • Everleigh's custody agreements between The LaBrants and Smith were not discussed, but Smith frequently shared Instagram and TikTok videos while his daughter was with him.
  • For Everleigh to celebrate Father's Day in 2020 with her biological and stepfathers, the two families even got together on that day.

Had the happiest Father's Day with both of my dads,” was written in the caption of a picture uploaded to Everleigh's account, which Savannah manages.

Many People Are Worried About Everleigh Following the Tragic and Untimely Death of Her Father

They are concerned that her mother and stepfather may take advantage of her sorrow to increase views on their YouTube channel.

  • However, aside from Savannah's Instagram post, the family has not commented on social media since Smith passed away, and their YouTube account has been offline.
  • Wow, I feel awful. I sincerely hope Cole and Sav would show Everleigh respect, but I think they'll be motivated by money and popularity amid this young girl's suffering. One Redditor wrote on the snark thread r/LaBrantFamSnark, “That's very sad.
  • “I hope Ev is doing as well as she can right now. Another poster said, “I also hope they take a break from content producing for a long and don't turn their child's father's premature death into the content.
  • The LaBrant Family has already shared several private moments, such as pictures from after their son's seizure in June, the births of their kids, and a documentary about the lives of kids with cancer.
  • Many viewers have expressed their displeasure and belief that the family is abusing their children for attention, saying that the kids need privacy.

Fans are pleading with the LaBrants to shield Everleigh and provide her the comfort she will need to get over this loss since they recognize how fragile this time is for her after the death of a loved one.


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