While Ewan Mcgregor Marries Again, Eve Mavrakis ‘Breaks Up’ With Her Partner

Eve Mavrakis has ended her relationship with her lover. After 22 years of marriage to Ewan McGregor, the production designer and film composer Jonathan Elias has decided to call it quits on their romance.

“Eve and Jonathan truly loved one other's company,” a source told the Daily Mail's Eden Confidential section. “Unfortunately, it didn't work out, and they have split ways.”

Eve and Jonathan met four years ago through a mutual acquaintance and have been together ever since. With Ewan, Eve has three children: Clara, 26. Esther Rose, 20. Ewan had separated from her in 2017 and began seeing Mary Elizabeth Winstead, 37, whom he met on the set of the crime thriller Fargo.

Eve Mavrakis Relationship
Eve Mavrakis Relationship

The couple brought a boy called Laurie into the world in June of last year, and they are getting married this weekend in California. It was her first romance since then. Following Ewan's separation from Eve, Clara, the couple's daughter, came to Instagram to criticize Mary Elizabeth. She remarked on a picture of the actress posted on a fan account, writing:

“The most beautiful and talented lady on the face of the planet??? Oh my God, you're all delusional. (The girl is a complete and utter piece of garbage:).” On the other hand, Clara eventually stated that she had regretted her remarks.

She expressed herself: “I knew that wasn't the most adult way to handle the situation, but I was enraged and disturbed.”Everything that had happened leading up to it and everything that had to be dealt with — not that I'm making excuses or anything — but it wasn't my best moment.

Eve Mavrakis Relationship
Eve Mavrakis Relationship

In this photo, I kept seeing myself labeled in it, and I kept seeing awful things about my mother. I expressed my feelings without apologizing, and I had no desire to do so. When you believe you have a clear understanding of the family unit and then have that understanding shattered, it's difficult to reconcile the two ideas in your brain. It's a bizarre situation.

“I've always adored [my father] and will continue to do so. Despite what has happened, there will be no breakup of the partnership. My relationship with him is quite tight, and even though I completely disagree with the way he's gone about things, I will always love him and wish him well.”

Eve Mavrakis's ex-husband Ewan McGregor's wedding in California this weekend was always tough for her because of their betrayal. According to the sources, the French production designer's dissatisfaction has been exacerbated by a recent heartbreak.

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Bradley Statler
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