Who is Evan Kardon Tiktok Star? Evan Kardon Has Been Chastised for a Recent Dispute!

TikTok, like any other social media site, is home to subreddits where users discuss and share content based on common interests. TikTok is a social media platform where users may join groups based on their interests. These groups range from the more generalized (video games, sports, and animals) to the more niche (car construction, gym culture).

Rarely will you find someone as active on “GymTok” as Evan Kardon is?

TikTok fitness influencer Evan frequently uploads videos of himself doing out. At the time of this writing, he had over 807,000 subscribers and his videos had over 53.9 million total likes.

TikTok with this much influence, however, always carries the risk of engaging in questionable actions. Recently, Evan has been under criticism because of his alleged inappropriate behavior against kids. Here's the lowdown on the influencer and the controversy that's surrounded him recently.

Net Worth $200,000 USD
Real Name Evan Kardon
Nickname Evan
Weightlifter, Tiktok star, and social media celebrity
Age 27
Birthplace USA
Current Residence
Raleigh, North Carolina
5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight 220 lbs

Who is Evan Kardon on TikTok?

Popularity on TikTok has been growing rapidly, with users like Evan Kardon gaining widespread attention. Kardon is well-known in the fitness community as a powerlifter, fitness blogger, and bodybuilder. His videos have been featured on TikTok for quite some time.


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 Because of his success on TikTok, he currently has over 750k dedicated fans. However, he has recently become embroiled in a dispute that has caused him to get widespread attention online. Since some of his social media messages have brought unwanted attention to him.

Evan Kardon Exposed Underage-targeted Messages and Actions

A video uploaded by user Mr. Goob on October 5, 2022, in which he attempted to expose Evan Kardon, has recently surfaced. It is said in the video that Kardon attempted to text a juvenile and carry on a discussion with her despite the fact that she was under the age of 16.

Airlind's fake account featured a high school-aged girl's profile. Mr. Goob was attempting to impress the girl with his Kardon knowledge by showing her some literary works by the man. That included an invitation to see him in North Carolina. All of us are stunned by this development.

Evan Kardon Career Highlights

Prior to his work in social media, Evan Kardon was a competitive powerlifter. Openpowerlifting states that he competed in his first powerlifting event in 2017. He was in his early 20s at the time. It was in the Europa Games in Charlotte when he made his debut for 365Strong Federation.


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 The next year he entered the North Carolina State Championship for the United States Police Athletic Association (USPA). This time around he competed as a member of not one but two age groups: Open and Juniors 20-23.

He competed in a deadlifting event and deadlifted 727.5 pounds. He took part in the Raleigh Ruckus this year and deadlifted 744 pounds to compete. But he called it quits after the 2019 North Carolina State Championship in August.

In November of 2021, Evan took his first tentative steps into the realm of social media by signing up for Tiktok, a video-sharing website. However, his whereabouts are a mystery ever since he gave up powerlifting.

His profile is littered with clips of him powerlifting that he has uploaded since he joined. Occasionally, he'll team up with others to make powerlifting films.

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His films quickly gained traction and were viewed by many people. This helped him rapidly grow his app following. He currently enjoys the support of over 842k app users and 53m total likes.

Learn About Evan Kardon's Net Worth Right Here

According to our data, Evan Kardon has a net worth of $200,000 (about). His main sources of revenue come from endorsement deals, retail sales, and television appearances.

After amassing a sizable fan base on Tiktok, he has been approached by numerous companies interested in partnering with him in order to sell their wares to his audience.

His official website is where fans can purchase merchandise and download his latest shows. Evan is selling his own designs on eBay, including tees, tanks, and hoodies.

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Kardon Tiktok

His website, on the other hand, is loaded with powerlifting and deadlifting programs. His Powerlifting Coaching program, the priciest of his four offerings, will set you back $199.

A recent dispute involving Evan Kardon has drawn criticism. Late in 2022, news outlets including Sportskeeda claimed that Evan had used his defunct Instagram account to send inappropriate comments to kids.

Similar to the previous physical Evan, according to TikToker user @mrgoobreturns, started talking to an Instagram user who was pretending to be a young girl on a fake account. Sportskeeda claims that Evan is a married father of a young child.

A large number of GymTok users banded together to remove Evan Kardon's account in an act of collective punishment. Evan has not deleted his account and continues to upload videos despite the backlash.

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At the time of this writing, Evan has made no remarks on or apology for his behavior.