Euphoria Season 2 Release: Cancelled or Renewed in 2022?

Prepare to break out the glittery eyeshadow and the Zendaya fan art, because season 2 of Euphoria has finally arrived. Following Zendaya's historic win at the 72nd Annual Emmy Awards, in which the 24-year-old actress took home the award for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of teen addict Rue Bennett, HBO announced that the final pieces were finally falling into place for the highly anticipated second season of Euphoria. As for the second season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, it premiered on January 9, 2022, with a new episode airing every week until the end of February 2022.

Will there be a season 2 of Euphoria?

Absolutely! In fact, Season 2 is currently airing right now on HBO Original with 4 episodes already released! So grab your popcorn and start streaming!

Is there a release date for Season 2 of Euphoria?

When Euphoria premiered in 2019, it captivated audiences with its portrayal of adolescent substance abuse addict Rue Bennett and a group of other high school students as they dealt with issues such as sex, drugs, love, loss, identity, and consent, among other things.

The show, which stars Zendaya in the lead role, has received critical acclaim for its contemporary portrayal of adolescent life, earning the actress the 2020 Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

The series is almost ready to return for a second season (after an extremely long hiatus), but when exactly will Euphoria season 2 premiere?

The answer is right now! Yes, Euphoria was released on 9th January 2022 with its first episode.

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Is there a trailer for Season 2 of Euphoria?

Yes! “REMEMBER THIS FEELING” is the cryptic tagline that appears in the trailer for the second season, which was released on December 20 by HBO Max. After Rue's voiceover about Jules says, “When I first met her, I was just instantly in love,” the two-minute forty-second clip begins with Rue wheeling a suitcase into a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Rue and Jules dancing, Rue making a new friend, Cassie having a bathroom fashion meltdown, Maddy considering pregnancy (?! ), Rue fighting with her mother, and what can only be a disastrous New Year's Eve party are all shown in the trailer. Check it out!

What happened at the conclusion of Season 1 of Euphoria?

Rue relapsed (in a surreal musical sequence), Jules left for the big city, Kat and Ethan got together at the winter formal, Cassie sought an abortion, and Maddy stole an incriminating CD from Nate's room, which could lead to the exposure of Nate's father.

What will be the plot of Euphoria Season 2?

HBO announced in July 2019 that the second season of Euphoria had been greenlit, even before the first season had concluded its run on television. Francesca Orsi, HBO Programming's executive vice president of programming, said in a statement obtained by EW that “Euphoria creator Sam Levinson has created an incredible world with an extraordinary cast led by the supremely talented Zendaya.” “We are extremely grateful that he chose HBO as the broadcast home for this groundbreaking series,” says the cast. “We are looking forward to continuing to follow these complex characters on their journeys through the challenging world in which they find themselves.”

According to Zendaya, in an interview with InStyle, a “beautiful” second season of the show has already begun writing. However, no specific plot details have been revealed as of yet. In the past, Levinson has been known to rewrite his scripts throughout the filming process, and he didn't rule out rewritings for season 2.

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As she discussed the upcoming season 2 story arc with Stylecaster, actress Sydney Sweeney (who plays Cassie) teased it as being “so outrageous” that even she was taken aback: “I'll tease you by saying that when you ask about season 2, my heart sinks. In a way that says, “You guys have no idea what you're going to watch.” Cassie needs to get her sh*t together if she wants to be successful. I'm at a loss for what to say next. Cassie has a crazy storyline in season 2 that I was not expecting. I was wrong about Cassie. Every time I read a new episode written by Sam, my jaw drops to the floor, and I can't believe that this is something that came from someone's head.”

Euphoria Season 2

Zendaya revealed to Teen Vogue in July that she was in the midst of filming, stating, “I'm right in the middle of it.” “It's undoubtedly difficult, and it's a particularly difficult season. It's going to be difficult, and it's going to be devastating at times, but I believe Rue deserves all of the attention paid to her character because I believe she represents a great deal for a large number of people. And I hope that our portrayals of Rue [as well as] the locations where all of the characters end up will make those people proud. This season, on the other hand, I don't think will be easy. I don't think it's going to be a particularly entertaining film to watch. Sometimes.”

What is the cast?

After season one's cliffhanger, it is safe to assume that Fezco (Angus Cloud) and Rue (Jenna Fischer) will return to the show. Previously, showrunner Sam Levinson stated that Rue would not be killed off in the season finale.

“I think Rue has a big journey ahead of her, and a tough one,” he said in 2019, adding, “It's not something I want to cut short because of who Rue means to me as someone who has battled with addiction and come out the other side, and because I think that there's a lot more to delve into and unpack in terms of the effects of addiction on Rue and on her family and those around her.” In a lot of ways, the options are endless.”

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It's been a year since Jules hopped a train out of town in season 1, but Hunter Schafer confirmed to EW that she will reprise her role in season 2.

Euphoria Season 2

That said, “I think I want to see Jules continue to work on herself in that she still has some major issues, which is why I'm interested in seeing what she does,” Schafer said. “Her experiences, I believe, help her grow as an individual. Having that loving parent/sister relationship with her allows her to have the experiences she needs without being messy. That's my hope for her, but who knows how things will turn out. This is going to be a lot messier for her than I had hoped.”

Other cast members, such as Barbie Ferreira as Kat Hernandez, Nate Jacobs, Sydney Sweeney, and Alexa Demie, will return for season 2, as well Maude Apatow and Gia Bennett (played by Storm Reid and Alexa Demie, respectively) and Alexa Demie (played by Barbie Ferreira).

Final words

Euphoria Season 2 is going strong! Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming episodes and start watching the hit HBO Original show! Thank you for reading!