Erin Kellyman Top Boy: Check Out the Age of Actress?

Erin Kellyman, 23, is a talented actress from Tamworth, England.

Top Boy fans may recognize Kellyman from her role as Karli Morgenthau in the Marvel Cinematic Universe-set Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Solider.

She co-stars with Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie in Falcon and the Winter Solider.

Kellyman is also known for her roles in Solo: A Star Wars Story as Enfys Nest and as Eponine Thénardier in the BBC adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel Les Misérables.

How Old is Top Boy Star Erin Kellyman?

The young actress is only 23 years old, but her youth hasn't stopped her from landing some major roles.

Erin Kellyman Top Boy

Fans of science fiction may recognize her from the 2018 film Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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In the hit film, Erin portrayed resistance fighter Enfys Nest, who led the Cloud-Riders.

Top Boy Fans Are Simply Trying to Remember Where They've Seen Pebbles Before

The new season of Top Boy premiered on Friday, and fans have only recently discovered where they've seen Erin Kellyman, who plays Pebbles, before.

Pebbles is one of the new characters introduced in the new season of Netflix's incarnation of the crime drama.

She makes her first appearance in the third episode, “Likkle Favour,” as one of Sully's (Kano) young relatives.

Meet Pebbles Star Erin Kellyman From the Cast of “Top Boy”

Top Boy Season 2 (or technically Top Boy Season 4 if you like the originals) has finally arrived on Netflix after nearly three years of anticipation.

Sully (Kane Robinson) is attempting to avoid Summerhouse, his old drug-dealing lifestyle, and his partner-in-crime Dushane at the start of the new series (Ashley Walters).

Erin Kellyman Top Boy

He's even gone so far as to live on a houseboat.

However, everything changes for Sully, for the better and for the worse, when he is reunited with his niece, Pebbles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens to Erin in Top Boy?

Erin Continues to Live With Her Father, While Dushane Temporarily Relocates to Dris' Apartment. Her Mother is Back in Jail.

Why Did Erin's Mother Go to Jail?

In Space Force Season 2, Episode 6, “the Doctor's Appointment,” Captain Lancaster (Patton Oswalt) of the Mars Mission Informs Erin That His Mother Was Imprisoned for Selling Fake Cosmetics.

What is Erin Kelly Currently Doing?

In a Partnership Between Rock Rose Entertainment and the Bolder Media Group, Kelly is Currently in Charge of the Artistic Direction of the Bolderlife Festival.

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