Ericsson is running successfully, the newspaper that should be expelled this Friday | Europe

surgery Internal cardiothoracic fibrillation (ICD) placement The Italian newspaper “Cassetta dello Sport” reports that midfielder Eriksson was successfully held to heart this Thursday. The player is expected to be discharged this Friday and return to his home in Denmark.

Inter Milan's Danish 10 shirt has been in the hospital since last Saturday at the Rickshaw Hospital in Copenhagen. The procedure performed by Erickson is usually considered in medicine. Introduced device controls cardiac arrhythmia.

The cause of Eriksen's sudden illness has not been revealed, but the introduction of a cardiotifibrillator indicates inflamed myocarditis of the heart muscle. According to the Cassette Dello Sport, Danish doctors listened to international experts and opted for surgery instead of just drugs.

Ericsson's post at a hospital in Copenhagen, in a post released last Tuesday – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

The future of the 29-year-old midfielder is still uncertain.. There is a record of athletes returning to work professionally with devices such as those fitted with Ericsson Dutch Daily Blind case from Ajax.

However, Italian law does not grant this permission and Dane cannot play for Inter Milan if he stays permanently with CDI.. In some countries, the release is through a liability agreement signed by the player.

This Thursday, the Denmark lost 2-1 to Belgium At a match marked by several tributes to Eriksen, at the Bargan Stadium in Copenhagen. Aside from the posters and news from the fans, the players on the field stopped for 10 minutes in the first half and remembered the midfielder.

Watch videos about the play where Erickson lived:

After the match, forward Bright White revealed that the midfielder had sent a message to his Danish teammates.

– He sent a message to the WhatsApp group. I think he thought the game was so good. But I still don't have time to look. Before joining the press conference I had time to see if I had a message from him – revealing Barcelona forward.

Denmark are below Group B, still without points, but have a chance to advance to the Euro 16 round. The Scandinavian team takes Russia to the final round, next Monday, in Copenhagen, at 16:00. Belgium face Finland at the same time.