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Enola Holmes 3: Release Date Updates | Will There Be A New Season?

Enola Holmes 3: Millie Bobby Brown reprised her detective skills in Netflix's Enola Holmes 2, based on author Nancy Springer's YA mystery book series. On November 4, the sequel debuted on Netflix, and Enola — the younger sister of quick-witted detective Sherlock Holmes — instantly jumps into action with her new detective agency.

After a rocky start, Enola accepts her first case: finding a missing girl who went missing after being suspected of stealing. Enola Holmes 2 was the number-one film in the United States during its opening week.

And fans are already wondering if there will be a third installment in the series. Fortunately, we're on the case. Below, we go at all of the information we have thus far about a probable Enola Holmes 3.

When Will Enola Holmes 3 Be Released?

It's difficult to predict when the film will be released because it hasn't been confirmed. However, we do know that the first Enola Holmes film was released in September 2020, with the sequel following in November 2022. According to this timeline, a third film could be released in the second half of 2024.

Who Could Be in the Cast of Enola Holmes 3?

Millie Bobby Brown would, of course, reprise her role as the titular investigator. Henry Cavill as her brother Sherlock Holmes, Helena Bonham Carter as her mother Eudoria Holmes, Louis Partridge as Tewkesbury, Susan Wokoma as Edith, Adeel Akhtar as Lestrade, Himesh Patel as Dr. Watson, and Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Moriarty are all expected to return.

Enola Holmes 3

ICYMI, Sam Claflin played Enola and Sherlock's brother, Mycroft Holmes, in the first Enola Holmes film. He didn't appear in the sequel, but we *still* expect to see him in a third picture.

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“We were disappointed that Sam couldn't be there. In a November 2022 interview, director Harry Bradbeer said, “If there was a future one, we would love to have him back.”

A Quick Review of Enola Holmes 2

On Rotten Tomatoes, a site that collects reviews, 93 percent of the 43 reviews are positive, with an average score of 6.9 out of 10. The consensus on the website says, “Enola Holmes 2 builds on its predecessor with boisterously entertaining flair.

It solves the mystery of how to make a satisfying sequel and makes it look so easy.” Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, gave the movie a score of 62 out of 100 based on the opinions of 16 critics. This means that the reviews were “generally positive.”

Enola Holmes 3

In the sequel, Enola (Brown) is torn between being a young girl on the verge of becoming a woman and running her own detective agency. Since everyone knows that she is Henry Cavill's (Sherlock Holmes) little sister, Enola often has to defend herself and challenge how potential clients see her skills.

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In addition to being an actress, Brown has also worked in the fields of cosmetics and as an executive producer. Because of this, she knows how tricky it can be to deal with preconceived ideas.

Is There Any Trailer for Enola Holmes 3?

Even Enola, who is a great detective, wouldn't be able to find footage of Enola Holmes 3 because it hasn't been made yet. If we're right and it comes out in late 2024, we'll have to wait a while, since the first trailer for the sequel didn't come out until two months before the first movie.

Enola Holmes Season 2 Trailer

Where Can I Watch Enola Homles?

Both Enola holmes movies are available to stream on NetFlix now.

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