Enola Holmes 2: Release Date & Confirmation on Netflix!

Details about the sequel to Enola Holmes, which was a surprise hit in 2020, have been confirmed by Netflix. Millie Bobby Brown played the young sister of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes in one of her first significant roles outside of Stranger Things.

Based on the book series “The Enola Holmes Mysteries” by American author Nancy Springer, the first movie was an instant hit for Netflix and is still one of their most-watched original films.

An estimated 76 million households watched “Enola Holmes” in its first month of release. So, it shouldn't have been surprising that a follow-up was made quickly. Here's all the information you need about Enola Holmes 2.

What Will Enola Holmes 2 Be About?

The second movie picks up at the end of the first movie's climax. Enola uses the success of solving her first case to open her agency, just like her older brother Sherlock did.

Enola's business is slow and dull as a private detective for hire until a poor matchstick girl gives her her first real job: to find her missing sister.

Enola Holmes 2

The official summary says, “This case turns out to be much more confusing than expected, and Enola is thrown into a dangerous new world, from London's dangerous factories and colorful music halls to the highest levels of society and 221B Baker Street itself.”

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“As a dangerous plot begins to take shape, Enola needs the help of her friends and Sherlock to figure out what's going on.” The game is on again, as the saying goes, but not entirely.

Who is in the Enola Holmes 2 Cast?

Millie Bobby Brown is the title character, and Sherlock Holmes, played by Henry Cavill, is back as her famous brother. Helena Bonham Carter is back as Enola's mother, Eudoria. Ali & Ava's Adeel Akhtar is back as Inspector Lestrade, and Susan Wokoma is Enola's mentor Edith.

Sharon Duncan-Brewster from Top Boy, David Thewlis (Wonder Woman), Hannah Dodd, and Abbie Hern are among the new members. Harry Bradbeer directed Fleabag and Killing Eve and is back to direct the sequel. Jack Thorne wrote Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and is also back to write the script.

What Did the Actors and Actresses Say About Enola Holmes 2?

Millie Bobby Brown has talked about what fans can expect from Enola Holmes 2, teasing it to show a darker side of London. Brown told Entertainment Weekly, “We set the movie in the busy city of London, which we didn't get to see as much of in the first one.”

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“We got to see what this young girl is doing in this crazy city that surrounds her day and night, and we got to explore these places in great detail.”Henry Cavill also talked about how Sherlock's relationship with his sister Enola will change in the next movie.

Enola Holmes 2

In the first movie, Enola may have learned from Sherlock, but in this one, it may be the other way around. Even though Sherlock has a great mind and a lot of experience, he doesn't have the same emotional strength or heart as Enola. Cavill told the magazine Entertainment Weekly.

When Will Enola Holmes 2 Come Out on Netflix?

On November 4, 2022, Enola Holmes will be available on Netflix. We're so excited! In January 2022, Netflix said that filming the Enola Holmes sequel was officially over. They did this by releasing a short behind-the-scenes clip of Louis Partridge finishing his scenes.

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The clip, posted on Twitter in January 2022, confirms that Tewkesbury, the love interest of teenage detective Enola and played by Partridge, will be in the movie. There had been rumors about whether or not his story would continue.

Enola Holmes Trailer

As part of its TUDUM event on September 24, 2022, Netflix released a trailer for the sequel. Fans were excited to see Millie Bobbie Brown back in her role as Enola.

In the two-minute clip, she starts her detective agency, but no one takes her seriously until she's given a case about a missing girl, which turns out to be related to the point that her brother Sherlock is working on. Watch the trailer down below.

Before the trailer for Enola Holmes 2 came out, Netflix showed a short clip of Louis Partridge finishing up his scenes for the movie.

When is the Second Enola Holmes Movie Coming Out, and Where Can I Watch It?

Like the first part, Enola Holmes 2 will only be available on Netflix. And fans won't have to wait much longer: it will be available on the streaming service on November 4.

Where Did They Film Enola Holmes 2?

In the fall of 2021, Enola Holmes 2 was filmed all over the UK. The streets of Hull were made to look like London in the 1800s. The Yorkshire Post shared pictures of the set, which showed that people from the area came to see the stars.

Dorchester, a historic market town in Dorset, was also a place where scenes were filmed. The nearby Dorchester Prison, built in the 1800s but shut down in 2014, will also be in the movie. Much of its architecture still looks like it did back then.