Engage Kiss Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer (2022)

Romantic manga is something that you can’t say no to. This type of manga has a seductive allure that will pique your interest even though you are not a romantic person. The Anime Series Engage in Kiss is one of them.

The first volume of this manga was published in 1988. It has been decided that this manga will be adapted into an anime series by A-1 Pictures. We will discuss everything from the plot to the anticipated release date. There are three primary people you should concentrate on.

You are welcome to stay here and read the content as long as you are interested in this manga. Even if you are not a fan of the show, I strongly encourage you to read this article and determine whether or not it could be added to your list of things to watch on the weekend.

Release Date for the Engage Kiss Anime

As June draws closer, we are keeping our fingers crossed that there will be plenty of new developments regarding Engage Kiss Season 1. Several reliable sources claim that the first episode of Engage Kiss will air on July 10, 2022. The precise times each episode will air have not yet been disclosed. You can easily find out if we make any changes to this topic by bookmarking our website and checking back there regularly.R

What Exactly Goes Down in the Engage Kiss Anime Series?

The city of Bay long serves as the backdrop for the events of Engage Kiss. The tale is mainly focused on three different characters: Shuu, Kisara, and Ayano. The city of Bay long was not one of the original ones. Human hands created this island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Their primary objective is to obtain as many of the earth’s natural resources as possible. A local establishment is owned and operated by Shuu. Because of this, his life is fraught with incredible difficulty. On the other hand, he has the awful tendency to blow through his earrings.

He never seems to have enough money when he needs it. Kisara is a young lady who is adept at juggling multiple responsibilities at once. She can handle her work, keep things running smoothly around the house, and attend high school simultaneously. She harbors a warm feeling toward Shuu.

We can tell that she is always concerned about him. Ayano is someone that Shuu used to work with and who is now his girlfriend. It is currently unclear what her mission in life is.

Who Is Going to Appear in the Engage Kiss Anime?

The television show Engage Kiss is a romantic comedy. Fumiko Maruto is the one responsible for writing this series. The information that is available about this anime is relatively scant.

We will discuss the cast of this anime in great detail and share everything we know about them. There are three key players in this story. Let’s look at the names of the voice actors in charge of the critical casts.

  • Soma Saito will play Shu Ogata
  • Kisara will play Saya Aizawa
  • Ayano Yugiri will play Lynn

Is the Engage Kiss Anime Trailer Out There?

Yes, the trailer for Engage Kiss is out there. You can check out the latest anime, Engage Kiss, by clicking on the link.

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