Emmerdale Spoilers Liv: Sandra Wants Liv’s Money

Sandra's plans to drive a wedge between Liv and her husband Vinny will get worse in the next episode of Emmerdale. And it looks like it might pay off.

After a week of pulling at Liv's strings, Sandra seems to have convinced her not only to leave the village but also to leave the country and go on a trip with her to another country. All the details are in the Emmerdale spoilers for this week…

Sandra Sabotages Liv's Sobriety

Sandra's attempt to build a gap between Liv and her new husband Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) is foiled when Liv notices her machinations over Vinny and Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham).

Sandra informs co-conspirator Terry that she wants to concentrate on Liv's sobriety instead. Sandra surreptitiously replaces Liv's drink with an alcoholic one as they walk to the Woolpack for beverages, and Liv recoils as she takes her first sip.

Emmerdale Spoilers Liv

Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) feels ashamed that it's all on him, and Liv is concerned that this would lead to a relapse. Sandra stealthily smiles as she stirs things with Vinny, confronting Liv about her dishonesty in swallowing the drink.

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As Vinny reels from the situation, Liv rushes out, and Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) is shocked to learn about the drinking. Sandra exacerbates Liv's fears by suggesting they go on vacation. But, with Liv ignorant of her mother's actions, may she be on her way back to rock bottom?

Sandra Wants Liv's Money

Sandra is trying to break up Liv and Vinny as part of a plan to get Liv's money, which we know. Gordon gave Liv the money, which she used to buy a house. Sandra thinks she'll have a better chance of getting the money if Vinny isn't around and isn't with her new family in Dingle.

Emmerdale Spoilers Liv

So, she has started making Liv doubt her unconventional marriage and Vinny's friendship with Gabby. At the same time, she has been telling Gabby to tell Vinny about his problems with his marriage. Later, when Liv sees Gabby and Vinny together, things get awkward.

Liv's Booze Hell

But Liv is smart enough to figure out that her mom's interference is due to this uncomfortable situation. She calls her on it, and even though Sandra keeps saying that everything she does is because she cares about Liv, she knows she needs to try something else.

Emmerdale Spoilers Liv

She decides to use Liv's drinking problem this time. Sandra switches their drinks when out, so Liv gets the one with alcohol. When Liv finds out, she is horrified but has already eaten some. Sandra thinks that Bob is to blame for the mix-up, while Liv worries that it will make Sandra drink again.

Let's Fly Away, Liv

When Liv doesn't tell Vinny right away what happened with the drink, Sandra stirs things up, and he finds out later. This makes things tense between them. Vinny leaves in a rage, and Sandra is happy to see that her plan is working.

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Later, when Mandy hears about how much Liv drinks, she worries. She doesn't try to hide how she feels from Liv. Sandra doesn't wait to use this to make Liv feel even worse about herself. She says Liv might need a break and suggests a last-minute trip abroad.

How about Liv? And will Sandra finally be able to keep her daughter all to herself, giving her the chance to carry out her evil plan?