Emma Corrin, Star of the Crown, May Appear in Deadpool 3 as a Villain!

Deadpool 3 is now in the casting phase, so we should expect to hear a lot more exciting news as production continues. The return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and the fact that Ryan Reynolds will be playing the major role again make this trilogy's third installment an absolute must-see.

Still, more names are on the way. Reynolds, who is also producing the film, took to Twitter today to announce the addition of Corrin, a member of the British royal family. Corrin shot to fame after being cast as a young Diana, Princess of Wales, in the critically acclaimed Netflix drama series The Crown.

Corrin received numerous nominations for their portrayal of the real-life legend at the Emmys, Critics' Choice, Screen Actors' Guild, and other awards shows. There is no denying Corrin's skill, and we can't wait to see what they do with the X-Men series. Deadline's claim that they'll be a bad guy certainly doesn't help.

Emma Has Already Been in the World of Superheroes

Reynolds did not indicate who Corrin would be playing or whether he would be playing a human or a mutant in his article. We still have a little while to wait before we find out, but now that main photography is about to begin on the film, we should know very soon.

Corrin is also no stranger to the realm of superheroes, having appeared in multiple episodes of DC's Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman's Butler. Corrin has recently appeared in the films Lady Chatterley's Lover and My Policeman, which starred Harry Styles.

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What Can We Expect From Corrin's Performance?

If Corrin does indeed join the cast of Deadpool 3 as a villain, fans can expect her to deliver a captivating and nuanced performance. Corrin has proven herself to be a talented actress with a range of skills, and her work in “The Crown” showed that she is capable of playing complex characters with depth and emotional resonance.

Emma Corrin to Play Some Villain in Deadpool 3

In the hands of the right writers and director, Corrin could bring a unique and memorable take on a classic Marvel villain, or a completely new character. It will be exciting to see what she brings to the table and how she interacts with the irreverent and often off-beat humor of Deadpool.

What Else Is Going on With Deadpool 3?

Last week, Jackman himself shared some Deadpool 3 production updates. The Academy Award contender and Tony winner confessed that he's working hard to get back into Wolverine shape—and that he needs to do it soon because the upcoming film is planned to be released in late 2024.

According to reports, the actor would spend up to six months practicing to repeat the fan-favorite role. Shawn Levy, who helmed Reynolds in Free Guy and The Adam Project, will direct Deadpool 3. Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin wrote the screenplay, which has the difficult task of achieving the film's already lofty expectations.

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Marvel Studios has high hopes for the picture, given the last two installments of the Deadpool franchise each grossed over $700 million worldwide—impressive numbers for R-rated flicks. After Disney purchased 20th Century Studios in 2019, this will be the first Deadpool film to be released under the Marvel Studios banner.


While there is no official confirmation yet that Emma Corrin will be playing a villain in Deadpool 3, the rumor has sparked a lot of excitement and speculation among fans. Corrin has proven herself to be a talented actress & her addition to the cast of Deadpool 3 could bring a new level of depth and complexity to the film.

Whether she is playing a classic Marvel villain or a completely new character, fans are eagerly anticipating her performance and the new dynamic she will bring to the franchise.

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