Emily Ratajkowski Says She Would ‘Love’ to Date a Woman, “Waiting for the Right One”!

Emily Ratajkowski is considering all of her choices. This week, the model revealed to HommeGirls via Instagram direct messages that when the “right one” comes along, she would “love to” date her.

I would love to. Ratajkowski told the media outlet, “I'm just waiting for the right one.” Sometimes I'll be walking down the street and think, “Whoa, I'm attracted to this person!” because of their energy rather than their appearance.

Ratajkowski divorced Sebastian Bear-McClard and went public with her bisexuality in November 2022. Since then, she has been sighted at three separate basketball games with Pete Davidson, Eric Andre, and a “mystery man” who is said to be the grandson of a billionaire.

Ratajkowski and Harry Styles were recently caught on camera sharing a passionate kiss in Tokyo. Ratajkowski continued by saying that Meg Thee Stallion personifies “ultimate beauty” for her. “In person, she is like, unspeakably beautiful,” Ratajkowski gushed.

The fact is that she has no desire to hasten matters. Ratajkowski: “I've never been single before in my life.” I'm very pleased with myself. If I had to have a boyfriend when I was younger, I would have settled for a mediocre guy.

I'm relieved that the time period is long gone. Ratajkowski said that when it comes to meeting new individuals, she keeps an open mind. I've only gone on one date through an app, and it was with someone I knew through other people.

I'm down for any kind of social interaction! However, I do believe that mutuals are a great way to screen potential coworkers. Recently, on the Forbidden Fruits With Julia Fox and Niki Takesh podcast, the author of My Body discussed her sexuality.

The mother of a two-year-old son, Ratajkowski said she had no plans to keep her sexuality a secret from Sylvester. I don't want it to become this ubiquitous taboo where everyone is all, “Gasp, my mommy was sexual!” “Mommy, you were all nude!” Simply put, she responded, “No, it's life. “I think it's important to have an honest dialogue with your kid.”

In an interview with HommeGirls, Ratajkowski revealed that she is taking the dating scene in the public eye in stride.

I wish I had more privacy, but I can't stand it when famous people whine about not having any. It's all in a day's work… However, it's not cool when others criticize my romantic life. I beg you, please let me live. So much s— has happened to me. On occasion, I'd like to lighten up.

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