Emily in Paris Season 3 Review: Is It A Mindless Extravaganza?

On Wednesday, Emily in Paris' third season premiered on Netflix. The series, developed by Darren Star and starring Lily Collins as the title character, centers on Emily, an American marketing professional who relocates to France in order to provide an American viewpoint to Savoir, a French marketing agency. The show chronicles her tribulations at work as she falls in love and adjusts to the radically different cultural norms of her adopted country.

The cast also includes Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Bruno Gouery, Camille Razat, William Abadie, and Lucien Laviscount. As of this writing, the third season of “Emily in Paris” has failed to please critics. The film has a 50% approval rating on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Review

Lilly Collins stars as Emily Cooper, an American who moves to Paris for a temporary job assignment but ends up staying because the city has changed her perspective on life & who she is. The first two seasons focused on her experiences acclimating to the city, the culture shock that she endured & the professional difficulties she had as an outsider. The show's third season is just as dramatic, bombastic & stalled in indecision as the first two.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Review

Because Emily has feelings for both Sylvie & she finds herself in a difficult position. Sylvie and Madeline used to work together at Savoir, but Sylvie eventually left to start her own marketing firm. Madeline, who recently became a mother, now has a new business opponent as she tries to save the French branch of her marketing agency with no native French speakers on staff.

Contrary to the show's stated goal of promoting women to all levels of leadership, Emily in Paris surprisingly lacks women with agency, even among the supporting cast. Emily, the main character, has a hard time deciding what she wants out of romantic relationships.  Emily is in the same boat as everyone else when it comes to choosing between Sylvie & Madeline. She has a knack for coming up with innovative marketing strategies. She often bounces her ideas off of business professionals, but she never expects to get compensated for her efforts.

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On the other hand, Sylvie & Madeline are just as unable to make up their minds, but this time it's because they have so few options available to them due to the constraints of their personal & professional lives. The story has expanded, allowing us to learn more about the people in Emily's life. Sylvie, who is often cruel to Emily, has her story explored in the episode as well, and some of her motivations & character traits are revealed. Luc and Julien, two of Emily's coworkers, also make appearances. With each new episode, Emily in Paris raises the bar higher, making it all the more exciting to anticipate season two.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Verdict

Emily doesn't try to hide the fact that she's an American in Paris who is struggling to communicate in French. The show presents itself as what it is: a silly romantic comedy for those in need of some lighthearted entertainment. The working aspects, especially the constant emphasis on Emily's brilliance as a marketer, often drive me nuts.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Review

In fairness, the program does appear to recognize how irritating she is as a coworker, but it still allows her to save the day with her oh-so-brilliant ideas far too often. The “will they or won't they” nature of Emily's relationship with Gabriel is starting to feel a little stale. I'm concerned that nothing will be done to remedy the issue after the season finale cliffhanger.

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This Emily in Paris season 3 review demonstrates how, despite the show's flaws, it has made significant progress (in stiletto heels) by expanding its focus to the inner lives of characters other than Emily. The end result is a tapestry with more color and visual appeal, which I want to wear again in season 4.

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