Ember Sword NFT: Incorporating NFT technology into MMORPG gameplay!

What is Ember Sword?

What does a typical gamer do during the course of a day? Whether you're a fan of Counter-Strike, VALORANT, League of Legends, or any other competitive game, you most likely have your daily tasks to complete before hopping on a server and playing. You do this for hours on end until the sun begins to set (or perhaps even rise) and you retire to your bed. Eat, play, and sleep. Repeat! Consider the possibility that you could earn more money from your gaming time. If there was a way to literally monetize your gaming experience, would you take advantage of it? Say hello to Ember Sword NFT, a new member of the team!

Ember Sword NFT

Of course, Ember Sword NFT is not the only game capable of accomplishing this. Our previous coverage of NFT games was extensive, but today we'll concentrate solely on this enticing crypto gaming experience that we've come to love.

However, despite the fact that Ember Sword is “just” another massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), it has a distinctive twist. All of the items, including the land, have been tokenized! At the heart of Ember Sword is an artificial intelligence game master, in contrast to the majority of story-focused games, which are handcrafted by story writers (and may or may not be successful). This means that the story and the future of the characters and players in it are still in the process of being written out completely. You can expect the following if you're ready to dive into a new world and become acquainted with some exciting lore:

Ember Sword Gameplay

After launching the game, the first thing you'll notice is that there is no download button! It turns out that this massively multiplayer online role-playing game is completely free to play in your browser! As a player, your mission is to track down items that have been scattered throughout the world. There are various areas that serve a variety of functions and purposes. Occasionally, you'll scavenge for supplies; other times, you'll engage in combat with other players or slay monsters. However, there is a Sandbox element to Ember Sword. You can invest in cryptocurrency and use it to purchase plots of land. This not only provides you with the opportunity to create your own things in the game, but it also serves as a moneymaker. Every trade that takes place on your lands will result in a commission being paid to you. However, even if you are not interested in purchasing the game, you can still take advantage of the free-to-play features and get a taste of what it's like to play an authentic MMORPG.

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The wonderful thing about Ember Sword is that you don't have to pay a single cent in order to begin earning money for yourself! Yes, as a landowner, you will automatically earn currency simply by owning the land, but you can also earn currency by hunting for items within the game and participating in activities. Because it is a browser game, there is no requirement to meet before you can begin to participate. However, if you've never dealt with this type of game before, you might be wondering how you can actually make money by simply playing a video game on a computer or mobile device.

How does the game create monetary value?

Ember Sword NFT

Every second you spend playing crypto games provides you with the opportunity to create value where none previously existed before. Attempt to track down a rare item, create your own new creature, or simply compete in video games. Ember Sword, on the other hand, takes things a step further. When compared to the majority of games, which tokenize the player's entire inventory, this time the cosmetic items have been transformed into collectibles. Have you ever claimed credit for being the first to slay a particular monster? Then that accomplishment will be baked into the NFT for all to see. – In other words, you are not simply owning and selling “a sword,” but rather you are selling “the sword.”

This implies that everything you do in Ember Sword has an impact on and increases the value of the items. True value, on the other hand, derives from the fact that there is a limit to everything. In-game, each item has a limited number of uses. Cosmetic items have a limited supply, just as there is a limit to the number of Bitcoins that can be mined. These limited edition items will be numbered (so if you happen to be the proud owner of the 111th one-of-a-kind piece, your item will be worth even more!). All of this will eventually result in a living economy that is beneficial to all parties involved. Everyone, that is, who is willing to put in the necessary effort.

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How is Ember Sword NFT different from other games?

Ember Sword NFT

It's possible that you've already made comparisons to other popular games that include cosmetic items. However, there is a significant difference between games such as Counter-Strike and Ember Sword, for example. Something like VALORANT skins is something you “own,” but you don't really “own” them. They're in your inventory, to be sure, but RIOT Games has the ability to remove them at any point in time. They could also choose to shut down their game, which would erase any evidence of your items ever existing in the first place. Even though it is unlikely to happen in the near future, the possibility exists. What if you have an expensive skin and the developers decide to flood the market with more of the same VALORANT skins at some point in the future? What then? There's nothing you can do to help the situation.

That is why Ember Sword NFT, as well as the other Ethereum and Bitcoin games, are such a game-changing phenomenon. These games are truly owned by the players, they operate in a real economy, and they provide a legitimate means of generating and extracting revenue. If you play Ember Sword for a long period of time, you will eventually end up with something of real value. That's a lot of functionality for such a simple video game!

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