Netflix Announces Season 6 Premiere Date for Elite: Everything You Need to Know

The sixth season of Elite has already been ordered by Netflix before season 5 had even premiered.

Fans of teen dramas all across the world have been glued to Elite ever since the first season premiered in 2018. Money, murder, and mayhem rule the lives of the pupils at the fictional Madrid high school Las Encinas.

Since the airing of the fifth season of Elite, viewers have been clamoring for more of the teen drama because of its startling conclusion. In addition, five new cast members, including the show's first trans actor, have been revealed to join Elite for season 6.

The release date, cast, trailer, spoilers, and information about what's to come after season 5 of Elite are all included here.

When Will Season 6 of the Elite Premiere?

Netflix announced the renewal of Elite for a sixth season in a tweet in October 2021. The global streaming service then included: “And there are three brand new short stories coming out this December: Three Felipes on the 15th of December: Phillipe and Caye Samuel & Omar, December 20 Patrick was born on December 23rd, in case you were wondering.” Season 5 and the short stories have already aired, however season 6 has not yet arrived.

In September 2022, Netflix announced that the premiere date for Season 6 of Elite will be November 18 of that year. A teaser trailer announcing the new cast members was also released at that time.

This year marks a milestone in Elite history: not one, but two full seasons! Netflix hasn't announced the season's episode count yet, although it's likely to be 8 episodes like previous seasons.

Elite Season 6 Cast:

As former pupils graduate and new ones join, Elite is constantly recast.

Itzan Escamilla, who plays Samuel, Omar Ayuso, who plays Omar, Rebeka, who plays Claudia Salas, and Georgina Amorós, who plays Cayetana, are all cast as possible replacements. While Samuel is at the center of the season 5 cliffhanger, Escamilla could make an appearance in season 6.

elite Season 6 Release Date

Some of the show's top actors, including Carla Dáz as Ari, Manu Rios as Patrick, Martina Cariddi as Mencá, Diego Martn as Benjamin, Pol Granch as Phillipe, Valentina Zenere as Isadora, and André Lamoglia as Iván, could perhaps return.

The show also shared photographs and bios of five new Elite season 6 cast members on Instagram. Ander Puig, Alex Pastrana, Ander Bokesa, lvaro de Juana, and Carmen Arrufat. Puig will portray the first transgender person in the video game Elite.

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 Synopsis of Season 6 of Elite

The plot summary, courtesy of a press release from Netflix, is provided below:

Another student has died, and the faculty and staff of Las Encinas are starting the new school year trying to hide the tragedy that has befallen their school.

However, tensions remain as racism, misogyny, domestic violence, and homophobia flourish throughout the corridors of the illustrious establishment. If school administration doesn't do something, kids will.

Plot of Elite Season 6 and Season 5's Conclusion Explained

Both Armando's death and glimpses into the future showing Samuel's body lying in a pool are major plot points of Season 5 of Elite.

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Even though Samuel and Rebeka are trying to hide it, viewers know that Guzmán killed Armando. Samuel is tricked into giving a confession to the police by Benjamn, who subsequently refuses to help him after he is in custody.

elite Season 6 Release Date

However, the authorities offer Samuel a deal: immunity in exchange for proof that the principal was involved in questionable data trafficking with Armando. After obtaining a potentially damning SIM card, Samuel gets into a fight with Benjamn. When Samuel trips, he hits his head on the ground and ends up in the water.

Patrick puts out a distress call. Omar and Rebe arrive to find a friend who may be on his deathbed. This is something he attributes to Benjamn, who insists it was all an accident.

The fate of Samuel will be revealed in Season 6, which will begin up where Season 5 left off. If the latter occurs, Benjamn could be arrested for the murder of his student. Meaningful repercussions for Ari, Mencia, and Patrick should follow. Oh, and it's possible that this may entail a new principal for Las Encinas High School.

Netflix's official synopsis reads as follows: “After Samuel's death, Las Encinas confronts a new school year seeking to have a facelift by covering up mistakes in the past. Unfortunately, racism, misogyny, domestic abuse, and LGTBI-phobia are just some of the challenging themes that will be discussed in the classrooms and hallways of this esteemed university this year. If those in charge of the system don't do something about these problems, the students will have to.

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Elite Season 6 Teaser Trailer:

Watch the Season 6 teaser for Elite and share your opinions in the thread below.

Would you like to meet a mostly fresh cast?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Elite Have the Sixth Season?

The sixth season of ‘Elite' will cloud your screen in November.

Is the Elite Series Ended?

Netflix tweeted in October 2021, “Big news: Elite has been renewed for a sixth season!”

In Which City is Elite Set?

Elite features San Lorenzo de El Escorial as a setting. A lot of sequences were filmed at this town located in the Guadarrama Mountains of central Spain.