Elite Season 5 Review: ‘Momentum Shift’ In Directionless Fifth Season?

Elite Season 5 Review: Some shows are canceled way ahead of schedule. There are many unfinished Netflix Originals in the Netflix graveyard.

Some shows, on the other hand, overstay their welcome and drag on far too long.

They lose what attracted them in the first place and become a shell of their previous selves.

In many respects, Elite is a mix of the two. While there are compelling reasons to keep the program going, it also feels like it has passed its prime.

If Season 5 is any indicator, it's time to call it quits.

Elite's mix of romance; drama, and murder mystery may not be to everyone's taste, but the format is tangible and compelling.

The fractures were visible last season, but an intriguing murder mystery did a good job of covering them up.

Season 5 does not, however, have that luxury.

With half of the cast moving on to bigger and better things; those left behind are joined by new characters that lack the charm of their predecessors.

However, the plot continues to include a murder mystery element; this time in the shape of a mysterious figure floating face-down in a pool.

These “flash-forwards” are peppered throughout the episodes as we cut back in time and follow the new school year leading up to this point; with a schoolbag in the depths of the pool and Samuel suspect number 1.

When a video from Elodie appears accusing Phillipe of rape, drama erupts.

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Although new student Isadora rallies to his side with Cayetana, he becomes the school's public enemy number one.

Is Elite Season 5 Worth Watching?

It's a cult classic that isn't a masterpiece but is curiously pleasant and binge-worthy.

Elite Season 5 Review

It's campy, seductive, and entertaining to see. Elite, for the most part, checks all of your boxes, and that's all that matters in the end.

Patrick finds himself rebelling harder than ever before, moving away from his father and seeking solace in new pupil Ivan; who has transferred across with his hotshot soccer-star father, Cruz.

Inevitably, the two grow closer until an unforeseen connection with Cruz throws everything into disarray.

Meanwhile, Omar continues to work at the bar; where he meets Bilal; a young man who is concerned about gangsters pursuing him.

Ari's romance with Samu (who has returned to school) continues, while Mencia and Rebe continue to dance around their feelings.

These love triangles essentially keep the program afloat, and it's evident this year that the mystery is more of an afterthought than a compelling element of the show.

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To be fair, there is a wonderful little twist towards the conclusion of episode 4 that helps to elevate the show, but the rest of it feels muddy and confusing.

Is Season 5 The Last Season of Elite?

WILL ELITE GET THE SIXTH SEASON ON NETFLIX? Fans of Elite will be happy to learn that there will be the sixth season, as revealed by a post on Netflix's official Instagram account on October 28, 2021.

Elite Season 5 Review

There aren't many noteworthy moments in the entire eight episodes, save from the aforementioned twist and a particularly passionate sex scene between Patrick and Ivan.

Apart from that, everything here appears to be average. This is a concern since people who were turned off by season 4 are unlikely to return.

There are a few additional subplots that emerge this year as well, but the rushed finale feels more like sequel bait than a genuinely interesting and fulfilling conclusion.

It's also a shame because there are glimmers of hope here, but they're rapidly extinguished by mediocrity.

Some of the character arcs are also poorly written, particularly Omar's, who doesn't get much to do and should have been moved on.

Mencia and Rebe's story is similarly weak and badly structured, with no depth.

Finally, there's Isadora. For the majority of the season, it's unclear what her true goals are, but the program takes a dark turn in episode 7, and I don't think it fits with the tale, especially because it's thrown in and rather casually dismissed in the end.

No spoilers, but those who have seen the series will recognize what I'm talking about.

However, in typical Elite tradition, the editing is quite fantastic, and the lovely combination of neon-lit graphics and pulsing soundtrack work together to create a colorful teen drama.

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This season is as predictable as it gets, with average characters working on an average script; the result was always going to be shockingly average.

Élite Momentum Is Shifted as It Has a Directionless Fifth Season

Élite, a Netflix teen drama, includes nearly every strange scenario imaginable: many casualties, bizarre love triangles, draconic parents, and even incest.

Elite Season 5 Review

When the Spanish noir threw in these outlandish stories, the writing was good enough to sell it, with fleshed-out, multi-dimensional characters.

Among the wacky teen dramas like Riverdale that often got out of hand, the series was refreshing.

However, by the fifth season, Élite has finally reached the point where its gimmicks are no longer working.

More bad news: Many key cast members, including Miguel Bernardeau (Guzmán), Mina El Hammani (Nadia), and Ron Piper (Ander), left before this season, leaving the program devoid of (previous) fan favorites.

While the series continues to introduce new characters in season five, it lacks direction without those familiar personalities, pushing fresh ill-fated relationships, needless drama, and riddles to fill the hole.

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