What Caused Elementary Season 8 to Be Cancelled on CBS? Are There Any Chances of a Comeback?

Elementary season 7 is concluding after seven seasons, but what does the future hold for CBS’ rendition of Sherlock Holmes? In 2012, another updated version of the most renowned investigator in the world, Sherlock Holmes, launched on CBS, dubbed Elementary.

Unlike BBC’s version, this series was set in New York City and John Watson was altered for Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu), among other alterations to Sherlock himself. Elementary's Sherlock Holmes (played by Jonny Lee Miller) is recovering from drug addiction and now works for the New York Police Department as a consultant investigator.

Elementary Season 8
Elementary Season 8

His right-hand, Joan Watson, started as his sober companion (hired by Holmes’ father) and became his trainee, although she has handled separate cases periodically. Throughout seven seasons, Elementary contained some of the most popular characters from Holmes’ universe, such as Mycroft Holmes, Ms. Hudson, and Jamie Moriarty (the female counterpart of his archenemy James Moriarty) (female version of his archenemy James Moriarty).

Miller of Sherlock Holmes is already the actor with the greatest number of appearances as Sherlock in cinema and television, having been in over 150 episodes so far, but he isn't going to be in the role for much longer. What is going on with Sherlock and Watson in Elementary season 7 and beyond, especially as the season finale approaches quickly.

Elementary Season 7 Is the Last Season of the Television Series

Elementary Season 8
Elementary Season 8

Season 7 of Elementary will be the series' final season, with a total of 13 episodes, making it the series' smallest season to date. The announcement was made by CBS in December 2018. In the beginning, it was thought that Season 6 would be the final season because it had just 13 episodes.

However, CBS eventually ordered eight extra episodes and revived the series for a shorter and concluding season. It is possible that the series' final episode, “Their Last Bow,” will serve as a definitive conclusion, but Fox decided to give the writers another chance to wrap up the arcs of their characters properly.

Based on the title of the final episode, “Their Last Bow,” everything points to the series receiving the proper conclusion it deserves, with a generous dose of nods to the source material.

The Reason Why Elementary Season 8 Will Not Happen

Elementary Season 8
Elementary Season 8

Every television series, even the most popular ones, has a shelf life, and the time has come for Elementary to come to an end. There have been drops in ratings for several seasons, and with the contracts of its main stars reportedly coming to an end, the series has been preparing for its finale for quite some time.

It's too late for CBS to change its mind, and it's too late for another network (or streaming service) to pick up the show at this point. While Jonny Lee Miller does not have any planned projects (at least not at this time), Lucy Liu has a full schedule, making a ninth season tough even if the network wanted another season.

To be more specific, she is planning to appear in the final episode of Elementary on the same day as the final episode of a new CBS series titled Why Women Kill, which will premiere on CBS All Access.

Elementary Season 8
Elementary Season 8

Elementary is one of the best television adaptations of Sherlock Holmes to date, managing to capture both the essence of the main character and some of his darkest characteristics, which are typically overlooked when adapting a story to either television or the big screen.

Elementary is currently airing on CBS. Hopefully, the last episode will provide the satisfying conclusion that it deserves and will not leave viewers hanging on a cliffhanger.

Will Elementary Make a Return for Season 8 at Some Point?

Elementary Season 8
Elementary Season 8


It was never intended to have an eighth season because the designer planned for all potential scenarios to be addressed in the first seven seasons. As die-hard Elementary fans, we hope that the program will be renewed for a second season by a network or streaming service provider.

The Plot of Elementary

Elementary Season 8
Elementary Season 8

Sherlock Holmes is the protagonist of this AMC series, which follows an international consultant who also happens to be a heroin addict. His father relocated him from London to Manhattan and forced him to live with Joan Watson, who was sober at the time.

Watson was a very accomplished surgeon who decided to leave the field when one of his patients died as a result of his negligence. He became a member of the police department and assisted in the investigation of their cases alongside Sherlock, who welcomed him with open arms.

They teamed up to form the Holmes Consulting Detective Agency, sometimes known as HCD for abbreviation. Because the current season 7 is winding up the old tale, it would be extremely difficult to switch to a new storyline in season 8 without it sounding clumsy and forced.

The reason for the cancellation of CBS Elementary Season 8 is that the show had a poor rating.


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What Is the Overall Rating of the Elementary Television Series?

Elementary Season 8
Elementary Season 8

The series has a large and ardent following among fans.

These characters have matured significantly throughout the last three seasons. However, now that they are in the eighth grade, it is time for instructors and pupils to become even more closely connected.

In a survey conducted by the website Rotten Tomatoes, ten out of eleven critics rated it as excellent or excellent. “The program presently has an aggregate Metacritic score of 73 out of 100, which is based on the opinions of four reviewers.”

The Elementary Series Is Available to Watch Online

Elementary Season 8
Elementary Season 8

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu are all streaming services that carry the show.

Despite accusations that Elementary is a rip-off of the BBC's Sherlock Holmes, numerous fans praised the show for its innovative approach to the topic and the outstanding performances by the cast members.

Elementary Season 8 has been nominated for several significant accolades and has even taken home a handful of these honors. Both Jonny Lee Miller's portrayal of Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Lee's portrayal of Watson has received positive reviews from both fans and reviewers.

If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, then Elementary is a show that you should watch.

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