Eduardo Saverin Net Worth is Reported $19 Billion, Learn About His Career and Income Source!

A lot of people are curious about the age, relationships, families, and net worth of famous actress Eduardo Saverin, and we'll cover all of that and more in this article. To find out more, read on to the end of the article. A Brazilian-born internet entrepreneur, Eduardo Saverin has a net worth of $19 billion, according to Celebritynetworth.

Who is Eduardo Saverin?

Entrepreneur and angel investor Eduardo Saverin is from Brazil. Saverin was a founding member of Facebook. His Facebook holdings in 2012 were 53 million shares or around 2% of the company's total.

Formed in 2015, Saverin's “B Capital Group” is a company he helped establish. Aside from Facebook, he has made significant investments in companies like “B Capital Group,” “Ninja Van,” “Aporta,” “Lyft,” “Qwiki,” and “Jumio.”

Net Worth $19 Billion
Full Name
Eduardo Luiz Saverin
Better Known as Eduardo Saverin
Date of Birth March 19, 1982
Birth Place
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Brazil (1982 – Present), United States (1998 – 2011)

Eduardo Saverin Early Life, Family, and Education

On March 19, 1982, Eduardo Luiz Saverin was born to affluent Jewish parents in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While he was still a child, his family relocated to Rio de Janeiro. Roberto's dad, Roberto, had careers in the textile, cargo, and real estate sectors. Sandra, his mother, practiced psychology.

He's the youngest of three; his older brother and sister are also alive. His grandpa, Eugenio Saverine, founded the Tip Top chain of children's apparel stores. Eugenio was born in Romania. After Eduardo's name was found on a list of abduction victims by gangs specializing in kidnapping for ransom, he and his family emigrated to the United States and settled in Miami, Florida in 1993.

Saverin went to Gulliver Preparatory School in Miami, Florida. After that, he continued his education at Harvard. He was president of the Harvard Investment Association and a part of other Harvard organizations, including Alpha Epsilon Pi and the Phoenix S.K. Club.

While still a student at Harvard, he capitalized on his passion for meteorology to make $300,000 by trading oil futures and predicting hurricanes. In 2006, he earned his bachelor's degree with the highest honors in economics.

Eduardo Saverin Career Highlights

It was during Mark's junior year at Harvard that Saverin first met him. Mark wanted to create a social networking site/online directory specifically for Harvard students, but he required funding to do it. Eduardo agreed to back Mark after hearing his excellent proposal and realizing its potential. In Mark's mind, was never a moneymaking venture.

Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

Mark's sole goal in making this revolutionary website was to facilitate communication among people. However, Eduardo was blind to his strategy, and Eduardo saw an opportunity to monetize this site.

After establishing Facebook in its initial form at Harvard, its creators saw the need to extend it to a wider audience. Since then, they've called Palo Alto, California home. Contrarily, in 2004, Saverin moved to New York to intern at the Lehman Brothers.

Aporta was formed in 2010 by Eduardo and Mexican journalist Aldo Alvarez. It's a website dedicated to helping others. More than $140 million in Asian acquisitions, including those for the company Ninja Van, were finalized under his watch in 2016.

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What is the Net Worth of Eduardo Saverin?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Brazilian-born internet entrepreneur Eduardo Saverin has a net worth of $19 billion. Eduardo Saverin is well-known for his role in establishing Facebook. In late 2003, Eduardo invested approximately $15,000 in Facebook.

In February 2004, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the world's first social networking website, While Mark Zuckerberg was a sophomore, Eduardo was a junior. The money was used to buy the company's first servers and cover other initial expenses.

Eduardo Saverin's Personal Life

When they were both attending their respective institutions, Eduardo Saverin and Elaine Andriejanssen became acquainted. Both Eduardo and Elaine were attending different universities in the Boston area, but they shared a common trait in that their families were involved in the business world and ran multiple companies.

Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

The fact that Elaine Andriejanssen has Chinese ancestry but is an Indonesian nationality bears some resemblance to the fact that Eduardo himself came from somewhere else but claimed the nationality of another country. They began dating one another, found that they were a good match, and on March 27, 2014, they announced their engagement.

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The couple ultimately came to the conclusion that they wanted to wed one another after the engagement went swimmingly. The wedding took place on June 25, 2015, exactly one year after the couple first announced their engagement.

Eduardo Saverin Real Estate

The property holdings of this multibillionaire are fit for a king. It is common knowledge that Mr. Saverin owns real estate in the United States, Brazil, and Singapore.

According to rumors, Eduardo has a real estate portfolio worth $10 million in the USA. Even though the value of his Brazilian property is estimated at around $20 million.

Keep in mind that the exact meanings of these phrases are currently unknown. It is common knowledge, however, that he has more than one lavish property in Singapore, where he has been headquartered since the late aughts.

He and his wife finally made it official in 2014 by spending $60 million on a penthouse in one of Singapore's tallest residential buildings. In 2019, he also spent $167 million on a mansion on two acres of land on Nassim Road, a posh neighborhood frequented by the world's richest people.

There's a common belief that here is where Singapore's rich and famous live. The staggering sum of $19 billion that Eduardo Saverin has as of October 2022. To be very frank, it wouldn't shock us if he had a garage full of expensive exotic automobiles that were just gathering dust.

However, on occasion, the billionaire has been seen operating a Bentley in the streets of Singapore.

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It has also been said that the millionaire uses his personal jet for short trips around town. The jet's model and price have not yet been finalized. However, it's safe to assume that the wealthy investor has stocked his airplane with every conceivable amenity to ensure his comfort while he travels across the world.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eduardo Saverin's Age?

At the moment, Eduardo Saverin is forty years old (19 March 1982).

How Much Money Does Eduardo Saverin Make?

An estimated $1 billion is Eduardo Saverin's annual pay.

How Tall is Eduardo Saverin?

Eduardo Saverin is 1.77 metres (5′ 8″) tall.