Edilson is charging Cruciro Na Justia $ 9.2 million

(Photo: Bruno Hadat / Cruciro)

Right back Edilson Triggered Ship In June last year, Labor filed a lawsuit seeking to terminate Rabosa's contract with the club. The value of the action released last Friday R $ 9.275.602.39. The first hearing is scheduled for July 14.

Edilson Sky Club Snake R $ 5.377.160.81 Relating to unfulfilled parts of the agreement between the parties; R $ 2,688.580.40 50% penalty between parties and R $ 1.209.861.18 Attorneys' fees.

The player still wants, from the value of reason, R $ 3,188,580.40 To use the penalties of Articles 467 and 477. Athlete Safety, Club Income Tax and INSS. When put together, the values ​​are reached R $ 754.652.71. Overall, Cruise will have to pay R $ 13.218.835.50 Active.

With negotiations conducted by the management of Sruzio Santos Rodriguez, Cruciro and Edilson signed a contract termination agreement. In negotiations, the club agreed to pay, according to Edelson's defense R $ 4.599.234.40 In 30 installments, starting July 15 this year. Also, the club will get it right R $ 921.765.60 Of FGTS. Nothing was paid. Edelson had a long relationship with Cruciro due to a contract made in management Wagner Pierce from S e Itter Machado.

He was hired for the Crimea in negotiations involving midfielders Alison e Dhoni Anderson, In early 2018, Edilson failed to fall at the mercy of fans. Despite being crowned champion of the Brazil Cup and the Minas Gerais Championship (2018 and 2019), the good and bad moments that transformed the right side were replaced several times in his position by defensive midfielder Lucas Romero. Wearing a heavenly shirt, he scored three goals in 75 games.

At the 2019 Brazilian Championships, Edilson was marked by a brutal campaign that ordered him to exit the second division in heaven unprecedentedly. Cruziro finished 17th in Brazil with 36 points (seven wins, 15 draws and 16 defeats), ending a year Corruption in the administration of former President Wagner Pierce DS.


Goalkeeper Ellison Files an action against the club R $ 64.898.07. The player's security asks for late pay, 13th pay, leave, FGDS and fines. He joined Cruciro between 2012 and 2020 and left the club permanently. For Fox, this is only three games and multiple credits.