Edens Zero Season 4 Release Date: Where To Watch Edens Zero?

Mitsutaka Hirota created the Japanese anime series, Edens Zero. The show is currently airing its second season, and viewers can't wait for season four to premiere. However, no official word on whether it will be continued or not has been made public.

Edens Zero, for those who haven't seen it, tells the tale of a young boy who, upon looking up at the sky, sees a streaking bolt of light. The ally with the armor softly informs him, “That's a dragon.” The cast and crew of Edens Zero are hard at work on season 3, which will premiere soon while fans eagerly await news of season 4.

Overview Of Edens Zero Season 4

Season Title Edens Zero
Japanese Title エデンズ ゼロ
No. of Seasons 2
No. of Episodes 29 (Season 1-2)
Status 3rd Season Upcoming
Written by Mitsutaka Hirota
Directed by Yuuji Suzuki
Genre Animation, Action, Adventure,
Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Cast Takuma Terashima, Mikako Komatsu,
Rie Kugimiya
Production House J.C. Staff, Kodansha
Music by Yoshihisa Hirano
Country  Japan
Language Japanese
Available Languages Japanese
First Season Sun Apr 11, 2021
Second Season  Sun Apr 02, 2023
Fourth Season  Mentioned Below
Run Time 23 Min
Available On Netflix

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Edens Zero Season 4 Release Date

The creators of Edens Zero Season 4 have not yet made an official announcement regarding the upcoming season. Nevertheless, there are some clues that point to the possibility that the production of the fourth season is currently underway. As a result of the high level of demand for the anime, it is highly likely that the production will be continued for an additional season.

If we make the assumption that the production schedule for season 4 will be comparable to that of season 3, which debuted on April 2, 2023, then we can anticipate that the first episode of season 4 will air sometime during the spring or summer of 2024. Nevertheless, this is merely a hunch, and we will have to hold off on drawing any conclusions until we receive official confirmation from the relevant parties.

Plot Of Edens Zero Season 4

Edens Zero is a Japanese anime show that is based on Hiro Mashima's manga series of the same name. Mashima first said on Twitter on June 12, 2020, that J.C.Staff would make an anime for TV. The story is about Shiki Granbell, a boy who can control gravity. He gets the title spaceship from his adoptive grandfather, the mechanical “Demon King” Ziggy, and he and his crew use it to look for Mother, the goddess of the universe.

At the end of Season 3, there was a cliffhanger because Shiki and his friends were able to beat Drakken Joe, a well-known criminal who had taken Rebecca and Happy hostage. But they also found out that Ziggy had come back from the dead, turned bad, and declared war on all humans and machines.

Edens Zero Season 4 Release Date

Ziggy also said that he was in charge of four androids called the Dark Stars. These were like Shiki's allies, who were called the Shining Stars. As Ziggy, his army, and the warship Edens One left Planet Guilst, Shiki vowed to stop him and save him from his darkness.

Most likely, season 4 will pick up where season 3 left off, with Shiki and his friends having to follow Ziggy and his Dark Stars all over the universe. Along the way, they will also have to deal with new enemies and challenges, as well as find out more about their pasts and what they want. Will they find Mother and be able to live out their dreams? Or will Ziggy's crazy plan work against them?

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Cast Of Edens Zero Season 4

The main cast of Edens Zero season 3 is expected to reprise their roles in season 4. They are:

Actor/Actress Character Description
Takuma Terashima Shiki Granbell A boy with gravity powers who inherits the Edens Zero spaceship from his adoptive grandfather Ziggy.
Mikako Komatsu Rebecca Bluegarden A girl who runs a B-Cube channel with her cat partner Happy.
Rie Kugimiya Happy A cat who can transform into a pair of guns.
Hiromichi Tezuka Weisz Steiner / Professor Weisz Steiner (young) A man who can manipulate machines with his Ether Gear.
Shiori Izawa E.M. Pino / Pino (young) An android who can control electricity with her Ether Gear.
Sayaka Ohara Witch Regret / Witch (young) An android who serves as the shield of Eden's Zero.
Kikuko Inoue Sister Ivry / Sister (Young) An android who serves as the healer of Edens Zero.
Yōko Hikasa Homura Kōgetsu / Valkyrie Yuna (young) A girl who can manipulate her sword with her Ether Gear.
Houchu Ohtsuka Ziggy / Demon King Ziggy (young) An android who was once Shiki’s adoptive grandfather but has now turned evil.

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Trailer Of Edens Zero Season 4

There is no official trailer for Edens Zero season 4 yet. However, you can watch the trailer for the Last Season. CLICK HERE to watch the season trailer

Where To Watch Edens Zero?

The third season of Edens Zero is now available to stream on Netflix with subtitles in a number of different languages. It also has an international license through Mediation Distribution, and Crunchyroll streams it in a number of different regions around the world.

There is currently no official information available regarding the streaming platform that will be used for season 4, but it is highly likely that it will be available on the same platforms as season 3.

Rating And Reviews Of Edens Zero

Edens Zero Season 4 Release Date


Edens Zero is an original and one-of-a-kind anime series that combines elements of fantasy, science fiction, action, and comedy. It is an homage to previous works by Mashima, such as Fairy Tail and Rave Master, as well as other classic sci-fi and space opera franchises. In addition, it is an homage to other classic works of manga and anime.

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