Echo 3 Episode 10 Release Date & Time | Where Can I Watch It?

Echo 3 is a television series developed by two-time Academy Award winner Mark Boal that will air on Apple TV+ on November 23, 2022. The series, set in Colombia and shot nearly entirely on location in 2021, stars Michiel Huisman and Luke Evans and is a black operation thriller and tale of international intrigue.

It is based on the Israeli award-winning series When Heroes Fly produced by Omri Givon, and inspired by the eponymous novel by Amir Gutfreund. We talk about the Apple TV+ series Echo 3 episode 10, including the release date and where to watch it.

When Will Echo 3 Episode 10 Come Out?

Echo 3 Episode 10 Release Date

Episode 10 will come out on Apple TV+ at 3:00 AM EST on Friday, January 13, 2023. The title of Episode 10 is “Heat,” and it will run for 65 minutes.

Echo 3 Episode 9: Recap

At the start of the episode, we get a sense of the area as Bambi, Prince, and the rest of the team start moving toward the site to save Amber. There is a party going on at the site, which makes it easier for them to get in. When they get to the place they thought Amber was, they find that the cells are empty.

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We see Prince and Bambi calling her name over and over again to find out if she is close by.
Overwatch sends in an ATV to get a distraction so they can open the gate and get inside while they figure out what to do next. As soon as the man at the gate opens it, the fake works.

The crew starts to come in, but the Venezuelans sound the alarm, which means we are at war. Graciella finally shows up, and she is still mad at Amber for what is going on. She tells the crew to get ready to fire the bazookas.

Echo 3 Episode 10 Release Date

Our reporter Violetta hears that the Colombian military is attacking Venezuela. This is breaking news. She calls her boss to find out why he sent out the report. He tells her that the men in the pictures have Colombian badges on them.

When Prince and Bambi get to the site, things start to go wrong, and the Venezuelans start to win. This means that they can start putting more things on their side into play, such as a big tank. Overwatch notices that Graciella is moving, which lets them know where Amber is.

Echo 3 Episode 10: Plot Predictions

Prince, Bambi, and Amber have a hard time leaving the country. Graciella tells the truth about what the Americans did during the war. Amber is finally brought home by the CIA.

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Where Can I Watch Echo 3 Episode 10?

With an Apple TV+ subscription, anyone in the world can watch Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 10 on the date above.


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