Eastenders Spoilers Isaac: Eastenders Spoilers for This Week

Isaac Baptiste has lived in Albert Square for over two years, but he is getting ready to leave. His story about leaving is going to start this week. But there are also plans for two return trips. Find out what's going on in EastEnders this week.

Isaac Quits Walford

After Keegan Baker and Tiffany Butcher left for Germany, another character in Albert Square decided to end their relationship. Isaac (played by Stevie Basaula), who has been in the middle of all the drama in Walford, will be at the center of a new storyline that has him leaving the made-up London borough.

Kim Fox's (Tameka Empson) teacher tells her that his mother, Sheree has had a heart attack and that he needs to go to Trinidad to help her get better. He tells Isaac that this could be another lie, but Isaac isn't sure.

Eastenders Spoilers Isaac

Sheree was always lying, and Kim still remembers that. Later, when Kim gets Isaac, his girlfriend Lola, and Patrick to watch the video Kim and Pearl made to prepare for the school interview, the beautician and Howie get into a fight because Howie changed the video to show Pearl's actual skills.

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Kim gets angry with Howie and yells at him in front of her family. When Isaac gets involved, she makes a mistake and tells Lola and Patrick about Sheree. Isaac says he has made up his mind and will leave Walford for Trinidad the next day.

Lola, played by Danielle Harold, is mad that Isaac has kept this from her. But at The Vic, Lola calms down and tells Isaac she's afraid he might not return. Isaac says he won't, but will he keep his word?

Bernie Gives Birth

Since October 2021, Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris) has not been seen in the Square. But as her pregnancy ends, the character returns to Walford, which is good news for Rainie (Tanya Franks) and Stuart (Ricky Champ).

Rainie first asks Bernie's mom, Karen, where she is because she worries she might not keep the surrogacy deal. When she gets there, though, Bernie says she still plans to give them the baby if they give her the rest of the money as soon as the baby is born.

Eastenders Spoilers Isaac

Bernie sees Stuart's supplements, which are part of his whole-person approach to treating his cancer. However, he and Rainie start to hide. Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy), Stuart's sister, tells the mother-to-be the truth about her husband's cancer.

The mother-to-be marches back to face them until her water breaks. She gives birth, and Rainie tells her that Stuart is getting better from his cancer. Rainie and Stuart are thrilled when their son is born. After seeing how well the couple takes care of the baby, Bernie agrees to let them have the child.

Rainie Comes Clean

But things could go differently because Rainie can't stand the thought of lying to Bernie. Shortly after her baby is born, Rainie tells Bernie that Stuart won't get any treatment for his cancer, even though she has tried to reassure her.

Eastenders Spoilers Isaac

Rainie's shocking confession might turn the tables on her, but it might not. The tough guy from Walford has had difficulty coming to terms with his illness. He even ran away from the Square with the help of Ben Mitchell.

Vi Returns

EastEnders bosses just recently said that Gwen Taylor would play her role again. After a dark family secret came out in November 2021, her character Vi Highway hasn't been seen on the BBC One show since then.

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Even though she doesn't get along with her grandson Stuart, Vi will show up in Walford when she hears about the birth of her great-grandson. She hopes to make up with Stuart.

Eastenders Spoilers Isaac

Rainie is sad and ready to drink vodka to forget about it. She was shocked when Vi walked in. She tells Vi what's going on with Stuart, which makes Vi want to fix everything. But will she be able to reach out to Stuart? Stuart tells her that this won't be easy because she might not even get to see him.