Eastenders Baby Alyssa’s Dad is Finally Revealed in a Shocking Paternity Revealer?

Dennis, aka Denny, Sharon's (Letitia Dean) late teenage son, was revealed to be the father of baby Alyssa (Bleu Landau).

Sharon's jaw dropped during Monday's episode when the true father of Alyssa was revealed after she was left on her doorstep with a mysterious note.

Eastenders Spoilers: Baby Alyssa's Father is Finally Revealed in a Shocking Paternity Revealer

Next week, Alyssa's father will finally be revealed to EastEnders viewers.

Eastenders Baby Alyssa Dad

A few weeks ago, the kid was left on Sharon Watts' (Letitia Dean) doorstep.

Who Alyssa belongs to has remained a mystery ever since the unplanned delivery.

Martin Fowler (James Bye) and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) have both made an effort to support Sharon in caring for the child.

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In the coming scenes, things take an unexpected turn as they get closer to learning more about Alyssa's family.

Zack takes Alyssa from Martin in the market, but as he walks away, her toy falls and, unbeknownst to him, a girl watches.

After Martin and Zack's Confusion, Eastenders Shocks Viewers With the Reveal of Baby Alyssa's Father

EastEnders has revealed that neither Martin Fowler nor Zack Hudson is the father of baby Alyssa.

In a shocking revelation that aired on Monday (November 8), Alyssa's teenage mother Jada revealed to Zack and Sharon Watts that the baby's father was actually Sharon's late son Dennis Rickman.

Eastenders Baby Alyssa Dad

This shocking ending occurred after Jada appeared in the Square to observe Martin and Zack care for baby Alyssa from a distance.

When their paternity tests revealed that neither of them was Alyssa's father, both men were shocked. This left open the question of who fathered the child.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Eastenders, Who is the Mother of Alyssa?

After Phil Mitchell (Steve Mcfadden) Advised Sharon (Played by Letitia Dean) Not to Trust Alyssa's Mother, Jada Lennox, Sharon Became Adamant That She Should Have Custody of Her Granddaughter (Kelsey Calladine-smith).

In Eastenders, Where Did Baby Alyssa Come From?

Sharon Gets a DNA Test, Which Reveals That Jada Was Telling the Truth and That Alyssa is Denny's Daughter. Sharon and Jada Agree to Apply for Joint Custody of Alyssa After They Settle Their Differences. Sharon Decides to Seek Full Custody of Alyssa With the Assistance of Her Ex-husband Phil Mitchell.

Who is the Eastenders Mystery Baby?

However, When a Mysterious Young Woman is Spotted in the Square, the Truth is Revealed. Sharon is Surprised to Learn That Jada is ‘just a Kid,' and She Tells Her That She Never Got the Chance to Tell Her Father She Was Pregnant, Before Revealing Alyssa is the Daughter of Dennis or ‘Denny,' Sharon's Late Son.