Everything You Need to Know About Earthblade

Celeste was released by Extremely OK Games more than three years ago. The game was a huge success, and the final part was released in April of this year.

Because the development team has officially stated that there will be no sequel to Celeste at this time, it should come as no surprise that Extremely OK Games has been hard at work on a new game that has nothing to do with the Celeste universe.

However, two very key figures were left out of the announcement of Earthblade, which was made via the developer's Twitter account and labeled as a “vibe reveal.” “20XX” was the launch window, which, unfortunately, provided no indication of when it would actually arrive.


Earthblade director of research and development Maddy Thorson posted a blog entry on the developer's website in response to the Twitter announcement, indicating that the game “might” be launched within five years after Celeste's debut, but that the creator didn't want to sound too enthusiastic.

Is there a trailer for Earthblade?

With Earthblade's revelation, the primary goal was to first and foremost replace the game's prototype title, “EXOK4”, with a more solid moniker and second, to begin creating excitement around the game's premise, which is being kept under wraps for the time being.

Earthblade is a video game developed by Extremely OK Games, which was announced last year. The game is described as a “2D exploratory action game set in a seamless pixel art world,” with the soundtrack composed by Lena Raine.

Platform Support

There has been no mention of any platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, and the release date is only set for 20XX.


Aside from the four prototypes, Thorson revealed that the team had difficulty balancing the creative and technical aspects of the project. However, Thorson has revealed that Earthblade's crew is happy with the “overall shape” of their game and is thrilled about where they're going.

Final Words

While you're waiting for more Earthblade information, you might find it more acceptable to return to Celeste for the time being.

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