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In a metaverse between virtual and physical reality, real-world geolocations on a sectioned map correlate to user-created digital virtual worlds in the Earth 2 idea. These settings can be bought, traded, and in the not-too-distant future, they will be able to be completely modified.

Earth 2 is the first step toward a fascinating future in which a virtual 1:1 scale replica of Earth will be commonplace. Currently, Phase 1 is operational and represents the major global body that attempts to decide the ownership of digital assets and property inside this futuristic virtual metaverse of the Earth. You can already see the beginnings of what will become an economic simulation that will supply Earth 2 with all the ingredients it needs to develop our dream.

MapBox technology has been used to construct a digital grid layer that covers the globe, allowing users to claim ownership of Virtual Land in the form of tiles. So don’t wait to get your hands on virtual land before it’s too late; it’s expected to rise in value over time just like actual property does.

What Is the Procedure?

All of the earth is divided into pieces measuring 10m-10m in length (called tiles). Those pieces can be purchased. The purchase of this item will result in the display of your national flag (You can decide which flag you want to represent by changing it in the settings).

Supply and demand are the driving forces behind the tile pricing algorithm. Because of the diminishing supply, the value of unpurchased tiles rises as the quantity of accessible tiles decreases. There is no difference in pricing across the entire nation.

T1 and T2 tiles, on the other hand, are available (tier 1 and tier 2 which will be later explained).

Prices for tiles began at $0.10 per tile. There has been a tremendous increase in the value of digital real estate on Earth 2. Look no farther than the charts and graphs below.

On Earth 2, how do you make money?

You will receive LIT for every Tier 1 land you own (Land Income Tax). When someone else buys a piece of digital land in your country, a portion of the tax goes to you.

Visit your profile page and follow the instructions to change Ether into Essence, which is generated by your Properties.

T1 and T2 tiles both produce essence, however, the dispersal of T1 tiles’ essence takes precedence. T2 tiles will only get essence when all T1 essence has been distributed.

Essence can be used to make jewelry, purchase an EPL, or improve existing jewelry. In the past, there were reports that Earth 2 will be decentralized. The crypto token is assumed to be Essence.

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Jewels will be generated by your properties as well. Your properties can benefit from the use of these. A wide variety of jewels can be made into various levels of quality and tiers, and they can be used in your properties. The market is also a good place to buy and sell jewelry.


Earth 2 Metaverse
Earth 2 Metaverse

throughout Earth2, jewels serve vital importance. In the future, they can be utilized to increase the production of resources, and they can increase the detection of Ether on your land.

Ethyl production is increased when the level of ether detection is higher than normal.
The fundamental diamonds in the property generate crown. In addition, you can construct and enhance your existing jewels in order to earn more resources and essence for your respective properties, as well.

Although there is no official crafting method at this time, the following chart illustrates the likelihood of success when attempting to craft jewels.

There is a market for every piece of property. You can either buy or sell a digital parcel of land on this site. Either sell at market value or set your own price for your own land. That is your choice.

You might be able to get a better deal if you opt to acquire a piece of property that is currently unoccupied (i.e., not owned by anyone). This is a huge benefit.

Megacities Are on the Rise.

Megacities are made up of lands owned by a variety of landowners who want to create a large community. Earth2’s biggest cities can be found here.

This “game” will be easier for participants to survive in the latter stages of its evolution if megacities exist. It’s never a terrible idea to move to a big city where you’ll have friends and a supportive community to lean on for support and information.

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In Earth2, a guild is a group of Earth2 players who come together to aid one another in their various endeavors. Earth2’s guilds and megacities are all community-driven endeavors with no connection to the Earth2 development staff.

On Earth 2, What Does the Act of Gifting Contribute?

In addition to making it easier to welcome new players into community-driven land projects like MegaCities, the gifting feature provides an interesting and different type of gift experience that gives the recipient direct ownership of land at Earth 2’s metaverse’s starting point, the largest virtual land registry in the world in terms of size and diversity of ownership.

It is predicted by Earth 2 that the metaverse will continue to develop and evolve, much like the Internet, and with this expansion, the number of viable use cases and purposes for virtual land within the metaverse will continue to grow.

Earth 2 founder Shane Isaac says that giving users more control over the utility of their land goes hand in hand with Earth 2’s concept of a player-driven metaverse. “It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, virtual land is a really intriguing and unusual present.”

A player on Earth 2 has already taken advantage of the new functionality to create a virtual souvenir of the spot where he proposed to his girlfriend, using it in his own unique way.

I got down on one knee in front of a crowd of tens of thousands before the Nutcracker at the Lexington Opera House,” Earth 2 community member Matt Haydon recently revealed on social media.

Earth 2 Metaverse
Earth 2 Metaverse

“I’m glad Earth 2 introduced the gifting option,” he continued. Moments later, I had captured a moment in time that would never be erased from my memory. It’s a quick and easy way to introduce E2 to the recipient. It’s a wonderful touch for the holiday season, whether you’re a new or established user.”

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How to make use of the gifting functionality

Gifting is possible between Earth 2 users, or between Earth 2 users and any email address that can receive an email. Gifting will soon be available on Earth 2’s own social media site as well, in the future.

  • Choose the tile(s) you want to buy and proceed with the transaction as usual. Earth 2 registration is completely free.
  • Select the “This is a Gift” checkbox before finalizing payment for the tiles you’ve chosen.
  • If your giftee isn’t an Earth 2 player yet, provide their email address instead of their Earth 2 account name in the supplied field.
  • The transaction can proceed as normal.
  • An email or in-game message will be issued to both you and the recipient after the transaction has been completed (new user).

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