Survive In A Ravaged Earth In Dysterra!

Dysterra, a brand-new survival game developed by Reality MagiQ, has been unveiled by Kakao Games. The game challenges players to survive on a wrecked planet while fighting for their very lives.

Dysterra is a long way from being the first game released by Reality MagiQ on Steam, but it appears to be a significant step forward from the developer's past efforts.


Its previous releases were primarily virtual reality games with rather simplistic graphics; but, one Korean game company is attempting something a little more ambitious with its latest release.

What is Dysterra?

Despite the fact that Dysterra takes place on a damaged Earth in the far future, the setting is realistic – most of the land is overgrown, let alone the terrible robots that roam the world.

There is some early marketing for the game (including a video), but we will have to piece together what this game is all about on our own time.


In appearance, Dysterra appears to be a futuristic version of Rust — you'll have to search for food, and you'll be able to create weapons and construct a fortress. Also, it appears like there will be a PvP element to this new game.

NPC foes appear to be present in this next game. The surrounding media and a press release also make reference to “environmental calamities,” implying that things can go horribly wrong if you are not well prepared for the situation.


“We're working on finding a sweet spot that will allow new players to enjoy the game for a long time while yet preserving the distinctive tension that survival games are known for,” the Dysterra creators said in a news release.

“We want to create Dysterra as a survival game that many players can connect to and become immersed in,” says the development team.

Players' personal constructions are made up of 16 pre-fabricated elements, however, there are far more complicated structures depicted in the game that players will have to discover on their own.

It appears that road vehicles will be included as a bare minimum, though it is unclear whether these will have to be salvaged, crafted, or a combination of the two.

Dysterra Trailer

Release Date

As of this moment, there is no set release date for Dysterra. There is no definite release date listed on the game's Steam Store page as of the time of this article's publication.

Final Words

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