Dylan Gonzalez: Bio, Career, Net Worth, Education, Relationship, Salary

Dylan Gonzalez (born December 11, 1994; age 27) is an American basketball player, artist, athlete, and activist. She is primarily renowned for her basketball abilities and games. Various artists, including rapper Drake, have observed and recognized her basketball game.

She is a tall and attractive girl who used to play basketball and tackle her opponents with tremendous intensity. When she is on the court, she is a passionate woman, and when she is off the court, she is a girl with many artistic abilities, such as singing and modeling.

Undoubtedly, having these attributes will not supply Dylan with a million internet fans. Her hard work has led to her achievement, and we will provide you with information on her battle.

But first, we'd like to inform you that Dylan has lately raised the issue of January 1, 2022. She astounds the media this New Year's Eve by accusing rapper, actor, and musician Mr. Trey Songz.

Dylan Gonzalez

Trey Songz's relationship with many women is not an exciting topic for anyone. Still, news of his being accused by sports players like Dylan has prompted media personalities like us to report it. So, we've included everything about this news in our article, so keep reading.

Biography of Dylan Gonzalez (Early Life & Education)

Miss. Dylan, who needs no introduction and has numerous hidden talents, was born on December 11, 1994, in Overland Park, Kansas. She was reared and born in this country and has spent most of her life memories here.

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Since her school days, the talented young lady has been active in basketball. She was in her school when she presented as a member of her basketball squad. Her fondness for her six other siblings in her family is something she has revealed more about herself.

She finished her education and played for Highland High School. While playing for her school team, she was ranked #85 in the country out of the top 150 by the All-Star Girls Report.

Dylan played her first year after finishing school, despite suffering multiple injuries. She excelled at UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) and set numerous records, earning her a spot on the international women's basketball players list. During her academic years, she received multiple medals and awards.

Dylan Gonzalez

She first opted to apply to the University of Kansas, where her mother had also played basketball. However, due to lower marks in high school, she was denied admittance and decided to finish her education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Dylan Gonzalez's Parents (Nationality & Ethnicity)

To begin discussing Dylan's family, it should be noted that she was born as a twin to her father, David Gonzalez, and mother, Angela Gonzalez. She has not, however, mentioned her father's employment.

Her mother, Angela, was a basketball player named All-American honorable mention in 1984 for the University of Kansas. Before beginning her professional basketball career in Germany, her mother was recognized for this.

Dakota Jordan Gonzelez, her twin sister, was born on December 11, 1994, alongside her. Her twin sister is also a basketball player, having done so in high school and subsequently at the University of Nevada.

Conor Rauselbach, Dylan's stepbrother, was born in her mother's first marriage. Natalia and Javier, her step-siblings, were born in her father's first marriage. Furthermore, her mother and father were married and had children from past weddings.

Dylan Gonzalez

Dylan's parents, David and Angela, came to Colorado from Kansas after marriage and had two other children, Stefan and Gabriella. Dylan's entire family relocated to Pocatello, Idaho, after moving to Colorado in 1996. On the other hand, Dylan is currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Dylan Gonzalez's Professions and Career

Stating her high school basketball career journey, in 2013 became the McDonald All-America nominee and received her first awards from all-state honors in 2013 and 2013.

As a sophomore, she was named Solo all-area player of the year, which included praise for her volleyball and basketball skills. In her first year, 2013-2014, she made nine attempts and scored ten points.

She played a season-high five minutes against her favorite team Oral Roberts her rookie year. Due to regulation changes, she could not join the team as a sophomore in 2014-2015.

In 2015-2016, she set a record of 5.4 points per game and finished sixth on her squad. She also made 22 three-pointers this season, ranking third on the team. She was able to reach double figures in four games.

Her career-high point was 14 when she was in college. She was regarded to be an excellent team defender. Later that year, Dylan and her twin sister Dakota released music on SoundCloud and released their first official song, Nobody knows by the name of Dyl-Kota, which marked a turning point in their career.

Dylan Gonzalez

However, they were forced to leave basketball owing to NCAA disapproval, as they were not permitted to play basketball while also singing.

So, in 2017, both twins declared that they were abandoning basketball to pursue a career in music. They then changed their name to D.a.D. They are currently available on Instagram and have established themselves as a great artist in history.

Boyfriends and Relationships of Dylan Gonzalez

There aren't many stories about Dylan Gonzela's relationships, but she has been in a few with well-known celebrities in the past. In 2013, she started dating professional basketball player Anthony Davis for the first time. Dylan dated Mr. Ben Simmons in 2017 after he broke up with Anthony Davis.

Ben Simmons is an Aussie basketball player. Now, in 2022, she goes after Trey Songs because he is a rapist. It makes me wonder if she dated him before or was following a relationship with him. But there are still no clear answers to these questions.

Dylan Gonzalez's Net Worth, Sources of Income, and Pay

Dylan is now a well-known celebrity because she first made money from playing basketball and then from singing. Dylan has a net worth of $2 million US dollars, and she and her family live in luxury.

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As you scroll through her Instagram account, you can see that she has expensive cars, diamond chains, and earrings. Dylan likes to buy expensive bags and wear dresses with many attitudes.

FAQ About Dylan Gonzalez

Who is Dylan Gonzalez?

She used to play basketball and now sings. She is from the United States.

How Tall is Dylan Gonzalez?

She stands at 6 feet.

What's Dylan Gonzalez's Age?

She's 27 years old now.

When Was Dylan Gonzalez Born?

She came into the world on December 11, 1994.

How Much Net Worth Does Dylan Gonzalez Have?

She is worth about $2 million.