Drew Griffin Cause of Death? How Did CNN Investigative Journalist Drew Griffin Die?

Drew Griffin Cause of Death: There was a time when people relied on the news for everything from harsh realities to gentle consolation. Recent years have seen a troubling increase in consumer demand for information alongside a concomitant rise in skepticism of the media. In the media, credible journalists who can be trusted to report accurately are in short supply.

There has been a little reduction in the depth of that pool. Reporter Drew Griffin, who covered investigations for CNN for many years, died yesterday at age 60. An outpouring of sorrow and affection for his short life was felt upon hearing of his passing. In this article, we will read about Drew Griffin Cause of Death. Here is what we have learned.

Who Was Drew Griffin?

CNN's investigation unit had an Atlanta correspondent by the name of Drew Griffin. He started with CNN in May of 2004 and stayed there for almost 20 years. A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in communications, Griffin spent ten years as an investigative reporter for CBS 2 News in Los Angeles before joining CNN.

Drew Griffin Cause of Death

“Griffin's job as an investigative reporter has carried him throughout the world, allowing him to cover a famine in Somalia, illegal drift net fishers in Singapore, and Los Angeles gang members in El Salvador,” it says in his bio.

Both the American and Russian presidents have granted him interviews. Immediately following the terrorist attacks of September 11, Griffin reported for CBS 2 News from New York City and later covered the war on terrorism from Israel.

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The distinguished journalist was an expert in several fields, including government, corporations, and sports. He has won numerous Emmys, Peabodys, and Murrows during the course of his career in journalism.

What Was Drew Griffin Cause of Death?

The 60-year-old lost his long fight with cancer on Saturday, December 17, 2022, his family reported. His wife, Margot, and their children Ele Gast, Louis, and Miles Griffin, as well as two grandkids, are all still here to mourn his passing.

Drew Griffin's Reporting Career Was Prolific

CNN President and CEO Chris Licht informed employees of Drew's death in a note. “The loss of Drew is tragic for CNN and the media industry as a whole. Drew was an award-winning investigative journalist whose reporting made a huge difference and who exemplified the values of the organization.” Drew has produced so little work that any meaningful summary would be impossible.

Drew Griffin Cause of Death

Throughout his career as a journalist, he “spent nearly two decades on CNN's investigative team, working on hundreds of stories and dozens of documentaries. Emmys, Peabodys, and Murrows were only a few of the honors bestowed upon his work over the years “In accordance with CNN. Michael Bass, CNN's Executive Vice President of Programming, praised him as “fearless and artistic at the same time, he knew how to push a topic ahead to its extremes, but also describe it in a way that would make everyone comprehend.”

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After Drew unearthed multiple sexual assault complaints, Uber was forced to adjust its background check policies. He was focused, ambitious, and, most importantly, always pointed his moral compass north. He had no interest in fame or recognition. Because of his genuine concern for individuals and the planet, Drew will be greatly missed. Drew's loved ones and friends at work are in our prayers.