Dream Face Reveal: Why Did Dream Want to Keep His Face Hidden?

Dream is a highly popular YouTuber known for generating Minecraft content. He did not have any brand partnership or create material with a celebrity. Rather, he did something quite simple: he presented his true face to his millions of fans. The odd thing was, they'd never seen anything like that before. He appeared to be a typical kid at the time. But the reveal was a tremendous event for his followers, who had been waiting for this for years.

Who is Dream?

Dream is a 23-year-old streamer who has been active on the Internet since 2014, but is best known for co-creating the Dream SMP (“survival multi-player”) server on Minecraft with his friend GeorgeNotFound. According to the WikiFan Page, the invite-only server began in April 2020 and is popular for its “mostly improvisational plot and a long history of alliances, wars, factions, eras, and characters.” Dream's YouTube channel, where he produces Minecraft game videos, is three years old and has more than 30 million subscribers.

Dream Face Reveal


He also streams with a group of non-anonymous buddies, including Tubbo, who has over three million subscribers on YouTube and nearly five million on Twitter, and TommyInnIt, who has over 11 million subscribers.

Dream's anonymity has been one of the most appealing features of his online image, and that allure, combined with his bright personality, has helped him create a loyal following across social media platforms. Dream has not been immune to the controversies and criticism that come with having a large audience.

He was previously accused of cheating during game play by utilizing game modifications during Minecraft speedrunner, but he maintained that the use of so-called “mods” was not intentional and that he was unaware they were active during the game.

Dream Face Reveal

He disclosed his face, according to Dream, because he wanted to meet up with pals, such as the streamer GeorgeNotFound, and get out into the world. Now that his fans recognize him, he can do meetups as a creator and do more work away from his workstation. Dream also noted in his interview with Padilla that displaying his face will allow him to make new types of material, such as collaborations with prominent YouTuber Mr. Beast or making TikToks.

Why Did Dream Want to Keep His Face Hidden?

Dream said in an interview with YouTuber Anthony Padilla that he did not intend to be an anonymous YouTuber at first. He'd started with a simple avatar inspired by a matched Discord picture drawn by his ex-girlfriend. But then he began posting videos, and his account skyrocketed. “It all just blew up so fast and became a part of the fan art and community.” “It wasn't a calculated move; it just happened so fast,” he explained.


Although Dream described his decision as serendipitous in his interview with Padilla, he had more to say about it in his unmasking video. He mentioned the mask as a means for people to see themselves in him, even if he's now at a celebrity-like level of name recognition. The mask allowed him to function almost as a vessel, allowing everyone to transfer a part of themselves onto him.

The Internet's Reaction to Dream's Face Reveal

Dream's obscurity allowed his supporters to speculate on what he may look like, and many of them were “excited” when his face was revealed. “It would be pretty nice to finally put a face to his voice,” said one fan to BuzzFeed News. “I'm just worried he'll get awful messages if he doesn't look like they expect him to look,” another remarked.

He received only terrible messages. Soon after the hashtag #DreamFaceReveal became viral, the hashtags “He's Ugly” and #PutTheMaskBackOn went viral as well. People also made fun of his appearance. There was an outpouring of support in return, with many fans dismissing adversaries' assertions as false and cruel.

“HE LOOKS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN I WAS EXPECTING HIM TO,” one Twitter user wrote. “BUT THE BROS ARE SO CUTE WTF.” Joey Graceffa, a YouTuber, joined in, tweeting, “Dream is cute” with a pair of eye emojis.

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